My Week That Was {18}

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, my husband isn't working and we've had a busy weekend which continues to be busy tomorrow, including a very exciting "first" for me in the morning. 
We've had such a fab day today and now with a relaxing evening I plan to catch up with some blogging, commenting and will probably get distracted by YouTube Vlogs too (new addiction!)

Monday: My eyes were a lot better today thank goodness. My husband left at silly o clock to go to London for a tv advert voiceover job so I had to get the boys ready for the school run by myself, Harry normally stays at home with him. For the first time ever we walked, we don't normally walk when he goes in the morning in case he's late.
We had a pretty relaxed morning and then walked to collect Charles again. 
The afternoon was spent in the garden and then we collected my husband from the train station.

Tuesday: Playing in the garden followed by preschool.

Wednesday: I went to meet my friends two week old baby girl. Ouch! The broody stick certainly hit me a few times.

Thursday: Charles' preschool was closed today. It was such a lovely day, we followed my husband into town as he was getting some work done to his car, I drove him home via the polling station, and then took him down again in the afternoon to pick the car up. After dropping him off we went to the beach for an hour or so which was wonderful.

Friday: Another relaxing morning. I dropped Charles off at preschool and then me and Harry went to a shop to look for inspiration for my mums birthday. I ended up buying a couple of things for her, added to the other 4 things I'd ordered online throughout the day. My husband then needed my car as he was taking it to get me some new tyres. I had a much needed nap with Harry. My husband came back earlier than I expected so I was going to drive to get Charles but he came in and asked if we wanted to walk together to collect him which was really lovely. We popped to Aldi and attempted our first barbeque which ended up being a big fat fail.

Saturday: My husband worked so I took the boys to the zoo. My mum met us at half one after she had finished work and we stayed until 5. My husband cooked steak when he got back from work. I attempted, key word-ATTEMPTED an early night.

Sunday: I was given a lay in today without even asking. Although at one point I was woken up by both of the boys running into the room laughing, jumping off the bed and then being ushered out of the room. I was only a tiny bit awake but went back to sleep smiling.
When I woke up my husband took us out for breakfast, then we went to Asda for essentials, and to B&Q where we ended up buying a beautiful hanging basket and my husband treated me to some new plants.
We got home, the boys played in the garden whilst I went for a quick bath.
We then drove to a local garden centre for soil but it was far too expensive so we went to Homebase then to the birthday party of one of Charles' preschool friends. He loved it so much he cried when we had to leave.
We came home and planted my new plants and played in the garden.
Both boys went to sleep pretty quickly. 
It's been a wonderful day.


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