My Week That Was {19}

What a very odd week it's been this week. It's seemed shorter due to the bank holiday and I've felt really busy despite really not doing much or having anything planned.

Monday: Bank Holiday! In the morning I had a make up artist and photographer come round. We then went off to my mother in laws for the afternoon which was lovely. We went to the pub, Harry was extremely sick as soon as we got there so my mother in law kindly walked around a mile if not more to go and buy a new outfit for him. She cooked a lovely dinner for us when we got back to her house.

Tuesday: Relaxing morning and then Charles went to preschool. It was a nice day so we walked both ways.

Wednesday: Can't really remember Wednesday, I expect it was another relaxing morning and then preschool. Actually, I believe I went to B&M with the boys once Charles had finished preschool. I just bought some chalk and some plastic beakers as our dishwasher keeps leaving our glasses dirty, and I'm a bit odd and much prefer using a beaker.
I popped to Asda in the evening as we had nothing for dinner and accidentally bought a fabulous maxi dress.
I wanted to get my mums opinion on it so quickly popped to hers and ended up having a much needed breakdown about my weight and appearance.

Thursday: Thursday was again, lazy morning and grocery delivery day and then preschool run. After preschool I had to pop back to B&M because 3 of the beakers were jammed together so much that I couldn't prise them apart!

Friday: Lazy morning and then preschool for Charles. My husband came with me to pick Charles up and then we popped to Asda so I could get a birthday card for my mum and then we popped to B&Q.

Saturday: This morning I went to collect my mum and we headed to Gorleston Sea Front to do our Mile in Memory walk for Matilda Mae. I'm going to write a post about this once we have our fundraising money collected.
Once the walk was over we all sat in the nearby pub for a drink and a catch up.
We (me, mum, Charles and Harry) went for lunch at McDonalds and then went to Boots so I could buy some new concealer.
Epic fail here as I held up the queue at the till whilst I hunted in my bag for my advantage card, in doing so I found the concealer I thought I had lost and was just rebuying. After a few minutes and getting rather stressed the shop assistant asked if I was "looking for this" and showed me my advantage card.
Turns out I'd handed it to her in the first place.
My husband bought us fish and chips for dinner and I went to bed early as I was feeling quite poorly.

Sunday: I had a lay in (yay) and at 12 we went over to my mums to give her her birthday presents and cards.
After 2 hours there we came home and I cleaned the inside of my car properly for the first time in a year (my husband usually does it) whilst my husband and the boys sorted out his new tool box.
I now have tea cooking and we are going to have a proper family tea: all sitting up the table eating together.

How was your week?

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