Stamptastic {Review}

With Charles starting Primary School in September I'm already starting a mental list of things we need to buy and arrange.
  • Uniform
  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Lunchbox
  • Sports Bag
  • Those tricky annoying sew in name labels
  • A decent pen to write Charles' name onto the name labels
  • Cotton to sew the name labels in
Accept, the last three things on that list, which probably feature on other mums lists around the UK, are completely unnecessary thanks to a wonderful invention and product.

Stamptastic is the baby of Emma, Francesca and Rie, 3 busy mums who could never find the time to sew or iron labels and wanted to find an alternative, and something they could use on everything.
After a year of planning Stamptastic was born!
Stamping is so quick and simple that we decided to start with a personalised stamp and then create an ink that is usable on a wide variety of materials.
Each stamp can include up to 20 letters (including spaces) and ink is supplied with each stamp.
The prices are as follows:
1 Stamp £16.99 | 2 Stamps £25.00 | 3 Stamps £32.50
4 Stamps £39.50 | 5th Stamp FREE
Only one inkpad per order – NOT one inkpad per stamp
FREE P&P to mainland UK. £3.50 international delivery.
  You may think that £16.99 is expensive or maybe pricey when you can pick up sew in, or iron in, labels so cheap but you must consider the fact that these stamps can be used on everything.
Clothes, pencils, paper, lunchboxes, plastic rulers etc. For the ease of being able to quickly pick up the stamp, hold it on the ink then press onto the item required it is definitely worth the price. Especially as it is personalised of course.

The stamps are amazing quality and really easy to hold due to ridges down the side of the stamp. The ink again is good quality and I think will last a long time.

I was really impressed with this stamp and think it will save a lot of time when it comes to personalising Charles' clothes, bags and accessories ready for big boy school.
I was sent this product shown above for the purpose of this review.
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