"We're Making Our Garden Beautiful"

My goodness I love how sensitive Charles is and how he really gets into  things, emotionally.
He seems to be very passionate about a lot of things, and I just love this side of him.

We've spent a lot of time in the garden recently, with him and my husband growing their vegetables and us trying to make the garden tidier and neater.
We've given up on the grass, it's just a lawn of weeds really. And I constantly have these ideas of what I want the garden to be like but I have neither the money or gardening sense to get across what I want.
When I was pregnant with Charles most of my nesting time was spent in the garden. I did so much work. I bought a lot of plants, cared for them, made the garden look lovely and then......the baby came along and I just lost all desire to look after my plants.
Of course within no time the plants had all died and I just haven't been able to get back into it properly since.
I'm quite impatient. I want to be able to plant something and then BOOM it's grown, pretty and doesn't really need me anymore.
With the boys not needing me to be so hands on anymore I'm hoping I can leave them to play with their various toys in the garden and to be able to just pay some attention to the areas that need me.
My husband treated me to six new plants and a whole load of soil so I set straight to work at getting everything planted and in it's position, although the joy of pots is that if they are not happy I can at least move them to the other side of the garden.

As we were finishing up in the garden Charles discussed which flowers he liked the most, asked which ones I liked the most, and then he said,
"We're making our garden so beautiful aren't we. It's going to look really beautiful in the end".
And when you're child notices that then you know you are doing something right.


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