#worryeater Sorgenfresser

I know what you're thinking. What is Sorgenfresser or what does it mean?

Sorgenfresser, which translated exactly means ‘worry-eaters’ is a German phenomenon and a truly innovative concept for children and young people. This truly unique collection of plush friends has been designed especially to bridge the communication gap between adults and children and launches in the UK this week. To celebrate a life size Sorgenfresser is visiting London!

When children are worried about something they can simply write or draw on a piece of paper and pop it into Sorgenfresser’s mouth before zipping it away - out of sight and out of mind. Whether it’s a bad dream, a worry about Mum or Dad or school bullies, children are encouraged to share their feelings with their Sorgenfresser. Given that 64% of parents said they like to comfort their child by discussing their worries this is a great way to make that first step.

In a new survey commissioned by Coiledspring Games it has been revealed that nearly 50% of parents think their children worry just as much as they did when they were younger and disturbingly more than a third think they worry more. The survey of more than 200 also exposed that over a third of the people who took part claimed that their children only shared their worries with them ‘sometimes’ and 18% of the parents asked said their children do not share their worries at all.

Understandably the traditional worries were cited with the dark, spiders and nightmares being the three most common. Parents know how to deal with these, more normal concerns, but what about those parents whose little ones are not always communicating about their worries. Children may not know how to express themselves or even understand their feelings making it harder to explain their worry; they may also feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about certain issues so they chose not to share their thoughts. If a child is keeping a worry to themselves it can easily manifest into something further down the line.

This week a life-size Sorgenfresser will be hitting the streets of London to help solve the nation’s worries! Visiting places such as the London Eye and Dungeons he’ll be on hand to help anybody worried about heights, ghosts or anything else. Sorgenfresser are on a mission to inspire children and adults of any age across the UK to share their troubles.
These are a few more of the statistics from the survey of 230 parents undertaken between 1st and 8th May 2013 on Survey Monkey.com

  • 63% of parents used a teddy bear, comfort blanket or soft toy as a comforter
  • 33.7% of parents think their children worry more than they did (48% think they worry the same amount)
  • 40% believe their child is afraid of the dark
  • Only 9.7% think their child is worried about family relations
  • 37% of parents say their child ‘sometimes’ tells them when they are worried about something, 31% claim their child ‘always’ tells them
  • 87% of parents comfort a child with a cuddle with 64% comforting them by discussing the problem
  • 4% of parents said they used to worry about their physical appearance yet nearly 16% of them think that their children worry about theirs
  • 8% of those asked use to be concerned about bullying but nearly 22% of them think that their children worry about bullying.
I think the statistics are very interesting. I for one expected the last two points to be a much higher percentage, mainly due to my own worries. What are your thoughts on the results?

Are there any worries you would put in Sorgenfresser’s mouth and zip away? Join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #worryeater
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