4 Years. 39 Weeks {Flashback Friday}

This was me.
Exactly 4 years ago.
Exactly 39 weeks pregnant.
With a boy we named Charles.

I loved my body.
Despite the itchy stretchmarks which I was scratching so much they bled. Despite the oh so painful sciatica, meaning I couldn't walk very far.
But I was happy with myself. 
I was fascinated with what my body was doing. What it was creating. How my body was preparing itself for labour. For breastfeeding.

I look back on these photos and I have nothing but happy memories.
I remember exactly how I felt. Physically and mentally.
Loving life and floating on a cloud of excitement.

I miss this time. I'd love to go back to then. Just to feel that way again.

Yes I'm wearing leggings, with a vest top, but I was just lounging around at home so it's allowed.

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