A Beautiful Birthday Lunch

On Friday we went to the National Railway Museum to celebrate Charles' Fourth Birthday. We hadn't planned lunch, we were aware that the restaurant was being refurbished but that the cafe was open if we required food.
We stopped at the cafe for a coffee and although the food looked nice we wanted something a little more substantial, especially with a 4 hour drive home to come which would mean us getting around 10 o clock.
When we arrived at the museum we noticed a land train outside, which drives into the York every 30 minutes and costs just £2. So we boarded with no plan of where we would go when we got to the city, we'd just see what was there.
After a quick Google we realised Nando's in York was being refurbished but looking over the road we noticed an ASKItalian. We hadn't been to an ASKItalian before so we didn't know what to expect.
Firstly, the building was just...amazing. Breathtaking. It really was one of the most beautiful places I have ever eaten.
The boys loved it too, and I was surprised at how much Charles appreciated how beautiful the architecture was.
The boys were given pencils and colouring sheets, and were even told they could draw on the tables as they were wipable! In fact they were encouraged to do so!
We ordered juice for them, and diet coke for us and something I love which will impress me no matter where I eat is when they serve glass bottles of coke. And an added extra, the glasses are cold too! I was very impressed.
The boys were then served with bread, vegetables and dip. I think this was a standard part of the childrens menu. Starter, main, dessert and drink.
They both had a Mozerella and tomato pizza for their main which they both ate. Although for the first time we thought Harry was going to fall asleep in his highchair. He kept closing his eyes and then snapping out of it. How he didn't end up with his face in his pizza I don't know.
After umming and ahhing over pasta or pizza, pasta or pizza, pasta or pizza I went for the Prima Pizza Pepperoni E Zucchine (spicy pepperoni and smoked pancetta with spinach and shaved zucchine. Topped with tangy crème fraîche and grated ricotta salata) which was amazing, if not a little cold.
My husband went for the Pollo Piccante Con Pancetta (spicy chicken breast with mushrooms, pancetta, Fontal cheese and roasted red peppers on a tomato and mozzarella base) which again was really tasty.
I managed to convince my husband to let me order a side of Zucchine Fritte (lightly battered courguette sticks) which although my husband wasn't too keen on these I really enjoyed, and much preferred to normal chips.
Unfortunately we skipped dessert for two reasons:
1: We were full.
2: We didn't want to be back late to the museum to miss the talk we were all desperate to see.

It really was the perfect setting and a perfect lunch for a perfect boys birthday.

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