A Weekend Momento

If we go out somewhere special, or for a day out which means something to us as a family, I like to buy something for the boys.
We went to the Dinosaur Adventure Park a couple of months ago, and although it was just a normal visit it was special to my husband and me because he had been working a lot and we felt we wanted some time to connect with the boys. We also made the decision there to loosen up with the boys. We tend to be in a rush all the time, we stress over how people view us, we are really lazy when it comes to letting Harry out of the pushchair as it's easier to just cope with one boy running around everywhere so we left the pushchair in the car at the beginning and had a fabulous time.

This weekend the boys met me in London and we planned to go to the Natural History Museum on the Sunday. I'd already said I would buy them something as a thank you for meeting me and as a sort of guilty 'sorry for leaving you' present. I actually ended up buying them something from the Science Museum.
At the History Museum I went to the shop near the cafe and headed straight for the jewellery section I remembered from when we went last year. I fell in love with the beaded necklaces and just wanted to have another look.

Later on I decided to treat myself after how I'd felt (and was still feeling) the previous day and went back to the shop. The necklaces were all so pretty and only £8 but then I spotted some blue beads.
I read about what they were and then on the back it gave some information about the stones. Although the necklace was £20 I felt the meaning about the stones and what they are supposed to do completely fitted in with what I need at this moment, and represented the two days as a whole.

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