Children and Suncream: 5 Top Tips.

Applying suncream to a child is a real challenge sometimes, isn't it? Going on family days out we always see at least 3 families fighting with suncream.
Charles and Harry used to be the same and I get extremely frustrated because it doesn't take long to do it and it's for their own good. So I came up with certain ways to make it easier to put on suncream.
And my golly they all work.....

I have 5 easy tips, which have worked for us, to make it a little easier.

I'm not saying you need to sit there and tell them exactly what the sun can do to us and what it can cause. But explaining that you could get burnt is a great start. Explaining that it's simply dangerous so everyone needs to wear "special cream" to protect them from the sun helps.

"Where is your nose?" "Where are your cheeks?" I'm doing this with Harry at the moment. He knows most of the body parts but we're now trying to teach him chin, neck, throast, forehead.


Let them either help you to rub the suncream into their skin, but also into your own or to their brothers. Charles loves to help me with his brother, or to feel as though he's done me a big favour and has recently helped to put on his own suncream, but to also apply it to me and his brother.
Harry copies a lot from his big brother, so him watching as Charles has suncream applied shows him that actually it won't hurt, and that it doesn't take that long if they stand still or help.

The face is the worst bit here and I dread putting it on the boys faces. But we now make tribal paint marks on our cheeks and noses. Making it fun means they won't hate doing it next time.
And an additional tip, which may seem obvious:
My Twitter feed at the weekend is full of mostly mums saying they are sunburnt, but at least the children are ok. I've been guilty of forgetting about myself but this year I'm making a concious effort to make sure I cover myself too.

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