Diono Solar Eclipse Window Shade {Review}

Since he was little Charles has had to go to the hospital every six months to have his eyes examined. We noticed that his eyes were "lazy", not all the time but mainly when he was tired, or concentrating on something (ie the television) or if he was looking at something in the distance.
The muscles at the outer edge of his eyes were/are stronger than the inner muscles therefore were pulling the eyes out, and he wasn't always able to pull them back quickly or properly.

We have thankfully been able to avoid an operation so far and when we go to his next appointment this week I'm hoping we will be told that an operation will never be necessary.

We've been trying to do the best we can at home to help strengthen his eyes and to teach him how to correct them.
He's now able to notice when they have gone slightly wrong and is able to correct them. The only time they tend to pull out now is when he is tired or if it is a really bright day.
We were told quite early on at the hospital appointments that the sun will affect his eyes and that we should do all we can to protect them. Sunglasses, hats, sunshades.
Thankfully someone close to us works at Sunglass Hut and has been able to help us to buy good quality glasses and to advise us on which ones will give the best protection.
We tried a variety of sunshades which were either easily broken or didn't protect from the sun at all/let too much sun in. Charles tends to struggle with sunlight in the car more than anywhere else so finding a good sunshade has been important.

We were sent the Diono Solar Eclipe Sunshade and I hoped it would finally be the sunshade we needed for Charles.
"Versatile design provides two levels of protection. The first shade provides partial protection, reducing glare and filtering UV rays. The second shade acts as a black out shade, completely blocking the sun. 17” (43,3 cm) wide and length adjustable. Rewind with the touch of a button. Attaches securely to any window with clips and suction cup."
Firstly, sticking the sunshade to the window was really easy due to three suction cups. The sunshade is actually quite heavy so I was concerned that the cups may not be able to hold up that much weight but so far we've had no problems and it's been really secure.

The first shade, providing partial protection, is really easy to pull down and is kept down again with suction cups. This shade lets in some light, and also allows Charles to still see out, but has made going out in the car a lot easier and a lot more comfortable.
 For moments when the sun is really strong though we are able to rely on the second shade, completely blocking the sun. Again it's easy to stick to the window and is really effective.

Both shades are really easy to wind back up by simply pressing red buttons at the side of the main unit. I've found this is where most shades in the past have let us down as the shades would be difficult to put away. 

We've been really impressed with this sunshade and would definitely recommend it.
They are available to buy from Amazon, Kiddicare and Halfords and have the RRP of £13.99, which I think is really reasonable for this type of sunshade.

I was sent the Diono Sunshade for the purpose of this review.
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