Fathers Day Lust List

You may have seen some of my lust lists on here before. Basically it's just a round up of certain products I am lusting after at that moment. I like to group everything together, so dresses, lamps, cardigans and so on.

I thought it would be good to do a round up of Fathers Day Gifts I like and would happily buy for my husband, just in case you are yet to purchase anything!

Underwear: Simple, easy and handy. Everyone needs underwear. Fact. And Fathers Day is one of the best times to buy underwear for your dad or for your children to give to their dad.
I think it should be the law that all underwear bought around Fathers Day should be novelty.

A Book: I can't remember the last time I saw my husband head to bed with a book. I do find it difficult buying books for him, I think even thought you know someone preferred genre you still can't fully decide whether or not the storyline will be something they will like. So buying a book is risky if you're not sure what they like. Either take a chance or buy a book voucher.
Or a cookbook.

Day Out Experience: Last year my husband went on a BuyAGift Experience Day and got to drive a Caterham, which he really enjoyed. From then on I have browsed the BuyaGift website at Christmas and Birthdays. For my husbands birthday this year for example we got him a 4 x 4 Off Road Experience. He loved this so much that he wants me to go on a 4 x 4 experience weekend! Wowzers.
We 're also going to be going to Sandringham for an Afternoon Tea Experience and visit to the Estate in July which we are so excited about.

A PhotoBook: My husband was given a photo book early this year due to it being a review item. I think these make really special gifts as they are so personal.

Homemade Handprints: We made these homemade handprint canvasses for my husbands birthday last year. They are one of my favourite things ever and they sit pride of place above our kitchen door. So simple and easy to make. And of course fun!

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