KiddyCharts {Review}

Since Charles was around 2 years old we've used reward charts, on and off, when we feel we need to. It's not something I want to do all the time but only really when I feel he needs some focus, especially when he's being dependant and not listening to me.
I've seen a mixture of opinions when it comes to reward charts. I think it's the same with anything to do with parenting, we all have our own opinions on what works for us and our families, and for us reward charts work and we are happy to do them.

Up until now our reward charts have been quite basic and just a simple grid which we then stick stars on. I wouldn't say they are very pretty or attractive but they worked at least.
The only thing that started to concern me was that the reward charts were looking the same as our countdown charts (we do these for birthdays, or holidays or other special occassions) and I worried that Charles may struggle to tell the difference between these.
For that reason we chose to review KiddyCharts when the opportunity came up.
KiddyCharts was created by mum of two, Helen. After using reward charts successfully with her own children Helen decided to branch out and turn her success into a business.
Helen says:
Star chart resources we found on the internet just didn’t seem to work for us.
So we developed and created our own based on images and photographs that meant something to our children. Now these are available to you too!
There are charts available for various "problems/issues" that need addressing.
Behaviour, toilet training, sleeping, fussy eaters and so on.

Other chart options are based around what you want to chart. These are for example: 'Care 4 Me', a way to chart who is looking after your child on particular days. These charts aim to reduce seperation anxiety and making drop off easier for the child. Or Reward/Chore charts, giving your child something to work towards.
We normally have a day out or a magazine or Wii Bowling if Charles has managed to get a certain amount of stars on his reward chart.

The things I like most about KiddyCharts are how appealing they are. The different designs are really attracive to children. Charles particularly liked Dinosaurs, Space and Robots.
The best feature with KiddyCharts is the fact that each chart can be personalised with your children's name and also with their photograph. Turning your child into an alien is a brilliant feature, Charles absolutely loved that.

The website is easy to navigate and to select each option to create the perfect chart for you and your child.
I really like the fact that you can print the charts yourself or get them sent to you.
Prices vary depending on which service you use and size you require.
I think it's a great idea to get your child involved in the design process, so they can be part of the making of the charts too. 

Overall we highly rate KiddyCharts and with Harry showing signs of potty training already (2 days of not wanting to wear a nappy) I am hoping we can set him up a reward chart to encourage him along.

We were given credits to use on the KiddyCharts website for the purpose of this review.
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