Medela Monday: Introducing the Maxi Swing Breastpump.

You may, or may not, be aware that this year I am attending the BritMums Live conference in London and I have very kindly been sponsored by Medela.
Medela provides the most technologically advanced breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world.  A long-time champion of breastfeeding, Medela is the only company to develop products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts. As a result, Medela’s breast pumps are the number one choice of healthcare professionals and facilities worldwide.

Medela has developed an extensive line of products to meet the diverse needs of nursing mothers.  These products include hospital-grade, double and single electric and manual personal breastpumps; breastfeeding accessories such as breast care products and specialty feeding devices. Most recently, Medela introduced 2-Phase Expression®, the only research-based breastpump technology that mimics a baby’s nursing rhythm, resulting in faster let-down and milk flow.

As a breastfeeding mummy I feel so proud to be sponsored by such an amazing company, especially as I own one of their breastpumps and it boosted my confidence (and milk supply!) in the early days with Charles.
I think pregnant and new mums can be overwhelmed when it comes to baby products, breastpumps especially, and get so confused with what's out there that they can at times make quick decisions which they end up regretting.
I did this. I bought a cheaper pump and although I was able to express some milk it was very time consuming, wasn't comfortable or easy to use. At which point I then researched pumps, and remembered that the mums on a baby forum I used to frequent were always recommending and talking about their Medela pump.

I want to introduce you to each of their pumps and other products over the next couple of months.
This week I am introducing you to the Swing Maxi Electric Breast Pump.

Its official, Double Pumping produces 18% more milk.
New research from Medela discovers the benefits of double pumping. The results revealed that not only does simultaneous pumping  produce up to 18% more milk in a pumping session; the milk produced has a higher energy content.

In light of their recent findings Medela, the world’s leading breastpump provider, are delighted to announce the launch of Swing Maxi - the latest double electric breastpump. The new pump, which is now available exclusively from Amazon, is an exciting development of Medela’s original, and award winning Swing breastpump. The Swing Maxi promises to be super-efficient, offers excellent value for money and will ensure lots of mums reap the benefits of double pumping.

An obvious benefit of expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously is that it’s twice as fast and therefore leaves more time with the baby. But Medela’s latest research has revealed some other major advantages that further support the decision to double pump. Possibly the most noteworthy finding was that when mums are double pumping, rather than single pumping, they can get up to 18% more milk to feed to their little one.
They also discovered that double pumping yielded milk with higher energy content, which is especially important for preterm infants but also great for term infants too.  Other benefits include increased breast drainage and higher presence of prolactin, both of which significantly improve a mother’s lactation thus ensuring she establishes and maintains a good milk supply and undoubtedly supports with long term breastfeeding.

Following this news Medela were committed to developing a pump that offered mums an affordable solution to double pumping. The Swing Maxi not only helps mums to sustain their milk supply, it also saves lots of time so they can spend longer with baby. And, thanks to Medela’s innovative 2 phase expression technology, which mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm, expressing with Swing Maxi will be the most efficient and comfortable pumping experience.

Swing Maxi comes with a free Calma feeding device especially designed for giving baby expressed milk.  Mums will not only be able to express milk quickly, they’ll have reliable way to feed their baby breastmilk. Calma ensures a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again. And for the ultimate convenience Swing Maxi can be used as a single or double breastpump.
 Medela have paid for my ticket, travel and accomodation for BritMums Live. In return I have promised to promote products and came up with the 'Medela Monday' concept.
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