Oh Hello June

Happy June the 1st! Wooooo! *does a little dance*

We won't talk about the fact that the weather is not at all "Juney". Yesterday we had a hint of Summer. Well, more than a hint, it was boiling.

June is so exciting. It's a very busy month for us and we have so much to look forward to.
Tomorrow I am going shopping, in the city, with no children! *does another little dance*
I used to go shopping in the city a lot before Charles was born. Most weekends I would be there with my mum and almost every Thursday morning whilst my husband attended a meeting at work.
When Charles was born I would go to the city every other Thursday for an hour or so, again whilst my husband went to a meeting.
Then I didn't really go again much.
Lack of money haulted everything really once I wasn't on maternity leave from work and had handed in my notice.
I've had the odd shopping trip now but mostly for shoes for the boys and that's all.
Tomorrow though I will be shopping for me! I I'll be heading straight for Primark and H&M and have a list of things I will be hunting for and will sulk if I don't get them.
I tend to do most of my shopping online now or in Matalan but I feel I've exhausted those options and need to go out and try things on and see what else is out there.

Then next weekend (8th and 9th) I'm hoping I can convince my mum to have the boys on Saturday morning so I can head to the city again, although this time with my husband, to buy Charles' birthday presents. The afternoon will be spent bowling and prematurely celebrating Charles' birthday with one of his friends.
Sunday will again be premature birthday celebrations but with Charles' aunty and uncle. I'm hoping we have BBQ weather!

Then Friday is 4th BIRTHDAY time!! We're taking Charles out of preschool for his birthday and will be going out for the day. Our original plans have been put on hold. We wanted to take him on a steam train but there's a special event for Diesel trains which aren't as fun. We have other options so just need to decide what we want to do.
Saturday will be birthday celebrations with my mum in the afternoon and then Sunday of course is Fathers Day so we'll be celebrating that some how.

At some point between the 16th and 21st I need to get my hair cut. And pack and then...
It's BritMums time! Woooo!
I've never been on a train by myself, to London by myself, or stayed in a hotel by myself so it's a completely new experience and I'm really excited about it. I'm having wobbles over various things but they won't stop me going and I hope won't stop me enjoying myself.
I'm ridiculously excited to meet people I've met before but also to meet people I've talked to (online) for over 2 years. I just have to try to not cry when I meet them, I'm stupidly emotional about it all.
On the Saturday my husband, my boys and my mother in law are heading to London and will be meeting me after when we will then head for dinner and to our hotel ready for a day of being tourists on the Sunday.

The following weekend is the only Saturday, so far, that we have no plans. Phew.
Then Sunday we will be going to the theatre to see Chris and Pui! Again, I may cry. We were able to get front row seats so I'm really excited. I just hope the boys love it as much as we hope.

In between all of this Charles has preschool and various big boy school meetings and I have 3 WI related meetings.

And that is June. Not that I'll then be able to relax because very soon after Harry will be 2! And we will be going out for the day to celebrate that. At the moment we are considering a trip to Jimmys Farm as we haven't been there since 2010, and at the time didn't realise who Jimmy was!

Busy busy times but so exciting.
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