Someone Once Told Me....

Despite my negativity this week (two negative-ish posts) I do see a glimse of positivity coming out. I have lots of things I need to get off my chest, out of my head and sorted out and then hopefully I will be happy and cherpy again and this place won't be so dull.
Bear with me at the moment please?

Anyway, Thursday night I was on Twitter, I'd posted my Truman Show post and a couple of people messaged me about it. One of those shared some very wise words. I love quotes at the moment, if you follow me on Pinterest you may notice that they are the main things I post.
I tend to head straight to Pinterest if I'm feeling a bit down and rubbish and I find quotes which will help me and which reflect my mood.

This quote is perfect, and is something I am going to reassure myself with everyday.
Thank you lovely person for understanding and making me smile.

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