teapigs Iced Tea Recipes {Review}

I've mentioned here before that I am more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker. In the summer I love an iced coffee, but am yet to ever try an Iced Tea.
teapigs asked if I would like to try out some of the tea bags and to create Iced Tea using their recipe. I thought it was worth a try, especially as I had heard good things about teapigs previously, and I also thought these could be the perfect drinks to serve at Charles' little birthday get together with his aunty on Sunday.

How to make iced tea
Pop your tea temples (1 per person) into a jug or glass
Cover with hot water
Leave to brew for 3 minutes
Top with cold water and ice
Sweeten, if you fancy, with elderflower cordial or honey
Garnish with fresh fruit for prettiness

We tried all of the flavours sent to us:
Super Fruit
Lemon and Ginger
Yerba Mate
Chamomile Flowers
Mao Feng Green Tea
And Everyday Brew also my husband got to those before me and made us a cup of hot tea with them. I must admit they were amazing and will be purchased when we next need to buy teabags!

My favourite of the Iced Teas were Super Fruit and Yerba Mate.
Both of these smell delicious before covering them with hot water. I wanted to eat the bag of super fruit tea because it smelt so yummy!

I think the Yerba Mate would be my first choice because it tasted a little stronger than the super fruit. It was also amazing served with some mint fresh from our garden.
The super fruit was also very tasty, especially when served with frozen fruits of the forest.
To get the most flavour from the super fruit tea bags I recommend giving them a little squeeze when in the water.

These were surprisingly refreshing and at under 3 calories per drink really make you feel quite good. I think this is an easy way to drink more water, something I know I'm guilty of not drinking enough of.
I really like the 'tea temple' biodegradable mesh bag as it's very unlikely to split and gives a lot more room for the tea to move around.

If you shop at www.teapigs.com you can receive 15% off your whole order by entering the code BLOGGERS12 (enter the code at checkout. The discount does not apply to 80g matcha tins or gifts and cheeky deals)

I'll be serving jugs of iced tea on Sunday alongside all of the other birthday foods, and just need to hope for nice hot weather so we can enjoy sipping on these in the sunshine.

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We were sent some teapigs teabags for the purpose of this review.
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