A Little Bit of Quality Time

One of the hardest things about being a mummy of two, for me, is giving them both your time, your attention and you concentration.
Charles was lucky enough to have me all to himself for 2 years, before Harry came along, and now Harry has to share me the majority of the time.
Everyday we get 3 hours to ourselves whilst Charles goes to school but we're not the most productive with our time and tend to spend most of it napping or running around town.

On the 17th of June I dropped Charles off at preschool and then rushed home, collected Harry and we went to the beach. I went via the petrol station to fill up with fuel and treated us to a Malteasers share bag.

We walked along the beach, throwing stones in the water (behind us in Harry's case), we sat on the sand and had a snuggle, we looked at the sheep in the nearby church yard, we went to the park and were millimetres away from being pooped on my seagulls, they *just* missed us, it was like they were shooting at us.
Then we sat on a bench by the car and ate our Maltesers. Harry looked so grown up and I really felt this wonderful connection with him.

With preschool breaking up in 3 weeks *realisation* NINE DAYS(!!) we have few 'quality time' days left until September and I'm hoping we can fit in a few more of these short but amazing trips in.
Just the two of us.

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