Another Mummy Son Date

Back in May I planned a little date afternoon with Charles. I've been desperate to do that again, and with preschool finishing last Friday I thought that a trip to the cinema the following day would be a great start to the summer holidays, and my way of treating him for being so well behaved at school and enjoying it the whole year.
Also, recently the boys have become obsessed with Monsters Inc. and after seeing the Monsters University was on at the cinema I had to take Charles to see it. 
I felt a little cruel not taking Harry as he loves Monsters Inc. too but didn't want to risk him getting bored at the cinema and also wanted that one on one time with Charles.

We got to the cinema nice and early (early enough to pose outside for a couple of photos) and then went in. I talked him through getting your ticket, going to the toilet before hand so you don't have to walk out halfway through the film (which we had to do anyway!), picking sweets or popcorn (and the sweet/salty debate), picking a drink, queueing up then choosing your seat.
Charles has a fear of the dark although he has been to the theatre a few times so knows that the lights go down so thankfully was ok as the room got darker.

He was really good throughout the film, whispering when he needed to ask me something or to tell me that the film kept making him jump.
We snuggled, we laughed, we held hands, we exchanged a long sweet which was too tough for him to eat for a handful of my sweet popcorn and just had a perfect quiet relaxing time.

I was a little disappointed when it was time to go home as I loved spending that time with him but have started making plans for our next date day already.


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