Happy Second Birthday Harry

Two years ago today a very special little boy came into our lives.
Despite everything going ok with the birth in the end he really is a miracle, and although I'm directing my mind away from the 'what ifs' regarding his birth and the Vasa Praevia, I can't help but be thankful for the fact that we are able to celebrate his birthday with him.

The last two years have rushed by, and the first year of his life just seems like a total blur. And I hate that, but thank goodness for my blog, and photographs and videos so I am able to refresh my memory.

He is an amazing little boy, he's funny, he's cheeky and I think he very much wants to be boss. In fact I think the majority of the time he does rule the roost.

Admittedly we have held him back, mainly because it's tough with two boys who want to each go in separate directions, or like to play a game of "falling over" when you want to walk somewhere.
I vow to not hold him back so much now, and from this point onwards will try not to refer to him as 'the baby' (on social media or my blog). He will always be my baby, even though he can walk, he can talk, he is still small enough to be cradled and to curl up on my lap. Therefore, he is my baby.

As with Charles I am confident that we have given him a great start in life. He has done so many things, been to so many places, and even though he may not remember those things and those places I believe they have helped him be the person he is, and will give him a positive future.

I am so proud and so honoured to have him as my son.
That he is part of me.
My son.
My miracle.

I love every single little thing about him.
And couldn't imagine my life without him in it.

Happy Second Birthday Harry xxx

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