Introducing Bravado Essential Embrace Bra and Dynatex.

Bravado! Designs is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new bra set to revolutionise the world of maternity and nursing lingerie. The Essential Embrace is the latest addition to their award-winning collection for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, and promises an absolutely unique and unrivalled level of support.

The experts at Bravado! have been designing lingerie for over twenty years now, and thanks to their latest invention; the Bravado Dynatex™, an exclusive new fabric, they have created an incredible bra that offers pregnant and nursing mums luxurious and quality support. Bravado Dynatex™ is quite unlike any other fabric that has ever been used for maternity and nursing lingerie, and is a really exciting development for the industry.

The reason Bravado Dynatex ™is so special is that completely eliminates the need for an underwire, the single-layer fabric is robust, supple, lightweight and holds everything in place without feeling at all restrictive. In addition to this the material has some other amazing properties, including a ‘four way stretch’ which allows Embrace bras to mould themselves perfectly to fit a woman’s individual growing and changing shape. A combination of this and Bravado’s special dual cup sizing means Embrace bras are not only unbelievably supportive, but comfortable and long lasting too. Mums can begin wearing their Embrace from three months into pregnancy, and it will last them through their breastfeeding journey. Lined with gorgeous, soft and breathable cotton, Embrace feels just like a second skin!

The Essential Embrace bra really is a life-saver for any mum that is worried or concerned that she won’t get the support or shape she craves from an underwired bra during pregnancy or once breastfeeding. The team at Bravado! are all too aware that mums worry about this, it’s only natural this is the time in their lives when their breasts will be at their largest and most sensitive. However, as lingerie experts, they also know that wearing an underwire can put pressure on milk ducts and even cause them to block. Embrace is the perfect solution, and thanks to Bravado Dynatex™, mums really can get the shape, support and comfort they are used to.

Bravado! really have thought about every little detail when it comes to Embrace, even the labels have been cleverly printed onto the fabric to ensure there are no itches or niggles. Just like all Bravado! bras, Embrace has full drop cups and one-handed nursing clips so it’s easy for mum to get that all important skin to skin contact when breastfeeding. It’s cut low so it can be worn under any top, and the special back panels have been designed to smooth bulges and prevent bra straps from digging in. Bravado! have also included a free converter kit, as they predict no mum will want to get rid of her Embrace! Thanks to the clever kit she can turn it into a regular bra once she’s finished nursing.
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