Just Another Saturday

I''ve mentioned before that my husband works on a Saturday afternoon. He used to work Saturday mornings, which was a lot easier and better for us as a family as he would get home at around 1 o clock and we would have the rest of the afternoon together. This also suited us if we wanted to go away for the weekend. Now he leaves at around 10.30 or 11and isn't back until 6.

Every other weekend my mum works in the morning, on the days she has off we either spend all day together, or half of the day.
Last Saturday she was working in the morning but came round at 2.30. Rather than staying in she suggested we go out, I wasn't really in the mood but the offer of a slush puppy at the beach was impossible to resist.
We headed to the beach, my mum bought the boys a bucket and spade each and bought us doughnuts and a drink (not a slush puppy as I completely forgot until after I had grabbed a Dr Pepper).
The boys built sandcastles whilst we sat and enjoyed the sun.

There's a really lovely playground near the beach so we popped there for 20 minutes until it was time to go home. It's the first time we've visited this playground but we'll definitely be returning again.

Please let it be sunny this Saturday, so we can have the same day but longer and add splashing in the sea and drinking slush puppies.

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