Our Day at Heveningham Country Fair

In the past 2 years we have discovered various country fairs in surrounding villages and towns near where we live. These are held at either Henham Park (the same place Latitude is held) or Heveningham Hall.
Last year was a complete wash out for Wings and Wheels which is usually held at Henham, but the country fair at Heveningham Hall went ahead despite the not so nice weather and we had a really enjoyable day.

When I saw this year that they had moved the Wings and Wheels event to Heveningham, combining it with their country fair I knew there was no way I could miss out.
Rain most certainly wasn't going to scare me away.
As it happened the weather was glorious (I have a tiny bit of sunburn to prove this) and we were able to walk around in maxi dresses, open toed sandles, stopping off for ice creams and to reapply suncream.

My husband had to work Sunday which almost meant I would have to cancel my plans to attend the fair, but thankfully my mum agreed to go along with me and the boys. And we ended up having a really really wonderful day.

We watched acrobatic plane displays as we queued to get into the carpark.
We watched monster trucks pull apart a Ford KA, and crush some Rovers. It s weird seeing these big beast like machines infront of a beautiful house in an azing setting.
We watched dogs chasing after shredded carrier bags.
We watched horses paraded around the area and later watched tractors there too.
Charles went on the same roller coaster he rode last year, as well as teacups. And had a go on the bungee trampoline.
He also went on a massive inflatable slide. He was given a mans tshirt to make sure his arms didn't get burnt as he slid down and the man in charge of the slide very kindly helped him up the ladder (twice), the first time by picking him up and carrying him on his shoulders.
Although Charles came down super quick, and had a look of terror on his face, he was itching to go on again. He only got two goes which was enough I think, although quite pricey at £2!
The boys then went on a bouncy castle. Harry wasn't too impressed and just wanted to sit and feel the effects from other peoples bouncing. Charles wanted to play fight with his brother and roll around with him but was told he wasn't allowed to (not by me) which was slightly harsh.
Also I couldn't quite fathom how it was appropriate for this bouncy castle company to be blaring out songs with swear words when their products are for children.

We ate jacket potatoes, hot dogs, and Thai food. Had a pint of lager and blackcurrant (my mum) and half a lager and lime (me). We ate giant merigues, chocolate cake and banana bread and all slurped on fast melting Nobbly Bobblys.

I spent a lot of time going to the many stalls within the various tents. I have had a real love of craft tents since I was around 10 because my mum used to sell various handmade things at them. I ended up buying a dotcomgiftshop small lunch bag in the fox design for £4, funnily enough the previous evening I was on the website with various items in the basket but I didn't check out!
I fell in love with jewellery by designm. Her items are so cool and funky and fascinating (and priced really reasonably!). I ended up buying a chocolate cream biscuit keyring as I couldn't leave empty handed. As soon as I got home I headed to her website to buy an item we had been discussing whilst there. A post is coming up about that soon.
My mum bought me a candle set. There is 3 different sized candles, wrapped in a bamboo outer to create the stand. They are useful for inside or outside, although we will probably keep them indoors as I don't want them to be ruined.

We arrived at the car tired and hot but we had a fabulous day.
It was £10 each to get in with free parking, and the boys were free. Considering the entertainment available, the organisation and the setting the price is completely reasonable. We couldn't help but to look back on last year and agree that no matter what the weather is like, the organisers do such a great job to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has a great time.

We can't wait for next year already!

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