Our Summer Plans

I have a bucket list with various things I would like to achieve in my lifetime. With Charles starting big boy school in September I wanted to make sure that we make the most of the summer holidays.

I am making two lists. One for just me and the boys to complete when my husband is at work, and one for us as a family.

The three of us:
I wanted to make the lists achieveable and didn't want to put too much on them. The reason I have left them until now, rather than before the school holidays starting, was so that I didn't put too much pressure on myself to get a start with it.
I think I have some easy things to complete (the zoo as we go there a lot anyway) with a lovely mix off not so easy (catch trout!).

If we pick fruit as a family I can't then cross it off the top list too, we have to do that as the three of us.
I plan to have a different boat trip as a family than the one I go on with the boys.
A picnic with my husband will hopefully involve him leaving work for an hour and walking to a local beauty spot.

I'm going to give us until September the 4th to complete, which I think gives us enough time to get the things done without the added pressure of rushing.
A matter of choice
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