Walkers Mighty Lights {Review}

When Charles starts big boy school in September we will be sending him with a packed lunch every day. I'm starting to make a list of things I can include in the lunchboxes, I obviously want something he will eat and enjoy, but I don't want it to become boring.
Sandwiches, crisps, fruit, yogurt, vegetable sticks and so on.

I was quite concerned with sending him with crisps. I didn't want to send him with anything too grown up, anything that was full of salt and fat, or something which could be sharp and get stuck in his throat.

Bring in New Walkers Mighty Lights. The perfect crisps for a school lunch box.

Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than standard potato crisps (on average) and have no artificial colours or preservatives.
As soon as these were delivered the boys gave me just enough time to take a couple of photos and then were sat up the table eating a bowl of crisps each.
Charles chose the Cheese and Onion and Harry chose the Roast Chicken, leaving me to try the Lightly Salted (despite being on a diet I felt quite confident that these crisps wouldn't really affect my healthy food plan).

The crisps are full of flavour and although I was originally concerned about the crinkle cut, which I find my boys struggle with due to the ridges being too deep therefore making the crisps sharp, I was pleased to find the crisps were actually quite soft and the boys were able to eat them without complete supervision in case they started choking.

If I ever need a snack I am likely to head straight for the crisp box which isn't always a good thing. Reaching for the Mighty Lights doesn't leave me with a guilty feeling, especially as a 25g pack is only 114 calories, 4.7g o fat of which 0.5g is saturated fat.

Due to the packaging not being too bulky these crisps are perfect for lunchboxes, picnics, or as a general snack item packed away in your handbag/changing bag.
The crisps aren't at all greasy and don't leave behind a dreaded powder residue which you can guarantee will somehow transfer onto your lovely clean clothes.

The other great news about Mighty Lights, if relevant to you, is that they are suitable for vegetarians, are Gluten Free and contain no nuts or sesame seeds (these are not handled at all in the Walkers factory)

Mighty Lights are available in multipacks at most supermarkets.

I received payment in exchange for this review.



Why I Won't Be Trying For A Daughter {Jenny aka Mummy Mishaps}

I remember as clear as anything when I first became aware of Jenny on Twitter, and then finding her blog. I was sat in my bedroom, pregnant with Harry and she had just given birth to Jenson, her second son. I noticed a similar (although smaller) age gap between her boys and mine and was interested to see how her life and family dynamic was about to change with a second boy coming along.
I've met Jenny a couple of times and really feel like I know her, and even more, feel like I know her boys Burton and Jenson despite never actually meeting them.
Jenny blogs at Mummy Mishaps, and writes about her life as a mum and as an amazing baker!

When I dreamt of getting pregnant and having a baby of my own, I have to be honest and own up to the fact that I never envisaged having a baby boy. I always saw myself having a little girl who would have dark hair and deep brown eyes. A daughter. My daydream continues........ and as a toddler and young girl I saw her with a dark brown bobbed hair cut complete with a fringe and she would be dressed in red (I am not really a pink kinda gal). My beautiful little Scarlett - oh yes for this is the name I had chosen for her when I was about ten years old after watching my all time favourite heroine in my all time favourite film, Gone With The Wind. I think I thought it would be nice to have a daughter because she and I would have more things in common than a son would; a friend for me, someone who would enjoy shopping, watching chick flicks and doing girly things with me. I  imagined that I would have a girl first and then a boy second, my little Joshua (named after the lead character in the film Big).

Isn't it amazing what you can make up in your head??

Maybe I assumed and imagine that by having a child of each sex you get the best of both worlds?
I have a brother myself and so maybe I wanted what I grew up with and was familiar with? Or maybe I just envisaged that having one of each was the "perfect" 2.4 children scenario to have and was what everyone wanted and desired.

For anyone who doesn't already know me and my blog, my name is Jenny and I am the proud mummy to two gorgeous boys. Yes boys !! They are healthy, beautiful, happy and perfect, in my eyes anyway, and I honestly couldn't ask for anything more. Yes, I did initially hope that my unborn baby was a girl when I first discovered I was pregnant, but that 'thought' only lasted a few weeks. If anyone asked me what I hoped I was having I did answer 'a girl' to begin with, but after a couple of months my answer changed to 'well it would be nice to have a girl, but as long as it is healthy I really do not mind'. Afterall,  the most important consideration was that above all, I just longed for a healthy baby, boy or girl.  Despite my initial 'I hope I have a daughter' thoughts, I was sensible enough to realise that in reality the sex of a baby is not important actually, but that it has no complications is.

During both of my pregnancies, my boyfriend and I didn't find out the sex of either of our unborn babies. However, I knew they were both boys - I just had that 'feeling' I guess. Almost everyone who saw me with either of my bumps would say the same - I was all out at the front. With Burton I even had dreams where I had a baby boy! The moment I held my newborn baby for the first time, discovering its true sex was actually furthest from my mind in the end, I was just so elated to be a mummy at last, and to have given birth to a health baby. And that my labour was finally over! The fact that he was a boy didn't really come in to it - it was a baby, my baby and he was healthy; beautiful and had all his fingers, toes, limbs etc...That was all I really cared about when it came down to it; what I was relieved to know and what I considered to be most important.

While pregnant for the second time, the sex of that baby inevitably became a topic up for discussion during the 9 months I carried it. To me I knew again it would be another boy - not only because it was a very similar pregnancy and I was all out at the front again - but also because I kind of sensed it again. I was pleased at the thought of another boy in a way because having had Burton I knew what having one was like, I felt knowledgeable about boys now!  I know I had nothing to compare him against, having had no experience of being a mummy to a girl, but I figured two boys would grow up close, have more things in common and become best friends too hopefully. Again, as soon as I held my second newborn baby in my arms, being told his sex by the midwife was not my focus I was just blessed that I had given birth to another perfect little human being.

What shocked me, was that not long after having Jenson I was asked if we would try for another baby.

Random person/family member/friend:  "So, will you be trying for another baby then?"

Me: "No. Two is enough and two is all I ever wanted."

Random person/family member/friend: "Oh so you don't want to try for a girl then?"

Me: "No!"

Random person/family member/friend: "Oh, but if you knew you would have a girl, would you then?"

Me: "No!"

Honestly, what is this obsession with people thinking that because you have two children of the same sex, they think you are missing out on not having a child of a different gender. If I had one of each sex I suppose I might still get asked if we would be having another child, but I don't think it would then lead on to what sex we would be trying to obtain!

Try for a girl? Why would I feel the need to do this? Aren't two children enough? Isn't two boys considered as being sufficient?

Clearly not in some peoples minds. My boys are all I know and they are wonderful and never cease to amaze me. If I had to girls instead or the elusive son and daughter scenario, I would feel exactly the same way about them too of course I would. But just because I don't have a daughter people almost feel sorry for me, like I am missing out on something. Yet I really am not, at least if I am then I have no idea what it is or how I am meant to feel about it!!

I know from speaking with other Mums on twitter, who have two sons or two daughters that I am not alone in having been asked about trying for another child of a different gender. Like me, they also feel that their lives would not be made any better by adding to it just in case they ended up having a baby of the opposite sex and that this would make their family unit perfect. Of course some parents to same sex children do choose to have a third child and they are blessed with having a baby of the other gender, and obviously they are elated and pleased and feel this little new member of their family has completed it. However, had those same parents had another baby of the same gender I am confident they would feel exactly the same way.

Would a daughter make my family complete, perfect even?

The answer is, it wouldn't. My family is fine as it is and having a daughter would not make it any better. If - and this is an if, don't get excited, - but if I accidentally found myself pregnant again and it was a girl then she would be a very welcome addition to our family of course she would, and I would love her just as much as I do my boys. However, if it turned out to be a boy, he would be just as welcome and loved as much. I honestly do not intend ever getting pregnant again. Having two children whatever their sex is hard going and tiring and challenging and two is all I want. My two amazing boys who make me proud to be their mummy. But who also knacker me out. Yeah, two children is all I want, and two boys suit me fine, thanks very much!

I honestly do not feel I am missing out by not having a daughter. Having a daughter is not what would complete my family. However, my boys complete me and I love and thank them for that every single day.


Why I Snap {Katie from Mummy Daddy Me}

When I decided to have some guest bloggers I couldn't not ask Katie.
Katie was one of the first blogs I followed as we started around the same time. Her blog, Mummy Daddy Me, is dedicated to her two beautiful little girls and features family stories, letters to both girls, honest feelings and Katie's stunning photography.

I was delighted when Katie agreed to post and I really wanted to feature some of her beautiful photos. As a fellow photography fan I wanted to know more about Katie's interest in the topic and why she loves it so much.

Why do you like photography?

I love the fact that I can capture every little detail of my family life.  I am recording our moments, our memories and our story.  I love photographing the exciting holidays, the days out and the family parties, as well as the simple days, the ordinary moments and the simple aspects of our lives. I can imagine sitting at the kitchen table with my girls when they are all grown up, laughing at their childhood laid out in photos in front of them.  That is why I love photography.

What do you like taking photos of?

Primarily I love to take photos of my little girls and our family.  My camera is glued to my hand, whether it is my DSLR or my iPhone and I love to capture our ordinary moments and our day to day life.  I love lifestyle type photographs which tell a story rather than posed shots.  Of course I love the posed style shots too but I know in years to come it will be the lifestyle shots that will be the most fun to look back on.  I love looking back of photos of my childhood and laugh at the cars in the background or what kind of toys I was playing with.  Besides from family, I have an interest in macro photography too.  

Do you have a particular style?

I kind of answered your question above there!  I think I am still trying to find my niche and learn my style but I definitely like photos that tell a story rather than posed shots.   I really like black and white photography and also dreamy type photos too.  

When did you first get into photography?

I have always been interested in photography from a very young age, I was always the one at school and university with my disposable camera snapping photos of our drunken nights out.  I got my first DSLR in my final year of uni but I struggled to find what I liked to photograph bar a few landscape and nature shots.  When Mads my little girl was born in December 2010 I soon dug my DSLR off from under the bed, and became obsessed with taking photos of her.  My passion grew and grew so I bought a new camera and I saw my photography improving as I figured out what I wanted to photograph.

What kind of photos do you like looking at?

I love lots of different styles of photography.  I love looking at beautiful landscape photos, although I am not really interested in taking them myself, and I love all types of Macro photography.  I think I can just appreciate a good photograph in general and I love to buy coffee table photograph books to flick through. My absolute favourite photographer is David La Chapelle and I have all his books- he does really styled, bright, obscene portraits of celebrities and he really tells a story through this photos.
Blog wise, I have loads that I look at, but I love Captureby Lucy for her beautiful use of flowers and styled photography, DearBeautiful, Real Housewife of Suffolk County and My Two Mums for their gorgeous family photographs and Ginger Lilly Tea for her dreamy, whimsical photographs of her children.  But there are literally hundreds of blogs which have wonderful photographs that I admire.

What are your three favourite photographs you have ever taken?

My goodness this is a really really hard one, as I have so many that I love.  These aren’t my absolute favourites but they are three that I really love:

1.I adore this photo of my little girl Mads.  It’s a year or so old but is still one of my favourites and we actually got it blown up on canvas for her ‘big girl room’ as she loves it too cause she is flying.  My husband is hiding in the rape seed and although he did throw her a little higher than he probably should have done, it isn’t as reckless as it seems.  I remember the day so well, it was so hot and a lovely bankholiday weekend and I get nice, happy memories when I think about it.

2. I love this photo of my youngest daughter LL.  I did it as part of a post quite recently talking about a day in the life of a 6month old baby and it is just a snap shot of her in her crib in the morning but I think it’s gorgeous as the black and white really brings out her eyes.  She has very lovely big eyes that are a dream to photograph, although I know I am very biased!

3.  This is another one of my favourite ever photographs of Mads and if my walls weren’t already full of frames I would think about putting it on canvas.  She had great fun doing this mini photoshoot with balloons and I love the care free, dreamy look of this photo.  I think it totally captures how she is at this moment in time, a happy, cheeky, innocent toddler who is no longer a baby but not yet a child.

Why I Snap is going to become a weekly series on my blog. If you want to be featured/join in please email me realhousewifeofsuffolk@gmail.com


The First Night Away {Clara from MyTwoMums}

Yesterday I had Kirsty from My Two Mums post for me and today I'm lucky enough to have the other half of My Two Mums, Clara.
As with Kirsty I really hit it off with Clara at Britmums and she too has become a good friend. 
Britmums was my first night away from the boys and I was interested to know how Clara felt and coped with leaving their gorgeous son Monkey for the first time.

When Monkey came into my life I felt an overwhelming connection with him, as I'm sure almost all new mothers feel for their newborn babies. I didn't like him to be out of my sight for a second. 

When we first took Monkey over to my mums, she ordered me to eat some dinner whilst she looked after the baby. I was very run down and I probably looked in need of a decent meal. I remember my mum picking him up and walking out the door and into the living room. I panicked! What did I think was going to happen? It was an immediate reaction to get out of my chair and head in the direction my child was taken in. Of course I was told to returned to my seat but that was the first time I'd experienced attachment anxiety.

As the months passed and my baby grew and became more independent, I found it easier and easier to leave him with family members for a couple of hours. However I'd never spent more than 4 hours apart from him. 

When Kirsty and I decided to purchase tickets to the blogging conference Britmums Live we were so excited. It meant staying over night in London, which we hadn't done with M yet. We planned our trip well in advance, as you do with young children. Then with only 2 months to go until the event, we were delighted to be invited to attend Cybher, another fantastic conference. Of course we jumped at the chance, babes in arms were welcome so it never entered our minds go alone.

To say we found the day a challenge is an understatement. Monkey started walking at 8 months and wanted his usual freedom to wander around and explore the new surroundings, but with approximately 300 other bloggers at the event, that just wasn't possible. This of course didn't sit right with M who spent the day shouting and squirming his way to freedom. 

The next day we decided to leave Monkey at home whilst we were at Britmums Live. Over night! 

We agreed it was best to leave Monkey with my mum. They have a great relationship and we had just moved back home with them so this meant we would not be leaving him in unfamiliar surroundings. As the event got closer, I started to feel quite anxious. There was a knot in my stomach. The night before we were due to leave I honestly thought I was going to be sick and burst into tears. Kirsty was fantastic and eased my fears, even though she was experiencing her own worries and anxieties about leaving our son for the first time. 

The morning came around very quickly. We tried to keep his routine as normal as possible. The car had been packed the night before so we had more time with him. Then my mum strapped him into her car to take my little brother to work. I kissed him goodbye and the lump from my chest burst out. I was sobbing on Kirsty's shoulder as my baby was driven away. 

I kept telling myself "It's only 1 night and you'll see him tomorrow" I wiped the tears from my eyes and we began the journey to London. 

As the day passed my anxieties seemed to fade, I was having a fantastic time and I was actually having in depth, uninterrupted conversations with another adult. We facetime'd M at the hotel on the Friday afternoon and then again on the Saturday morning, he didn't seem to realise anything was different. If I'm honest I felt a bit unwanted but I was spending quality time with my wife, which was amazing. All was well. 

What was I worried about? All those nights spent awake worrying, all those tears cried and I ended up having one of the best weekends in a long time. Saying that, when it was all over, we couldn't wait to get home

We stopped for some dinner to spend a little bit of quality time as a couple but we made it home before 12am. I know this is kind of a step backwards but I was happy in the knowledge that I had seen my baby every day for his entire life. 

We've already booked our tickets for both Cybher and Britmums 2014. We've also signed my mum up for babysitting duty. 

This time, we're treating ourselves to an extra night away.



I Don't Have To Be The Target {Kirsty from MyTwoMums}

The second of my guest posts this week comes from someone who I count as a close friend, thanks to blogging.
I started talking to Kirsty from My Two Mums before Britmums, just as I would with any other Twitter-er or blogger but at the conference I really hit it off with her and her wife Clara.
Kirsty has been an amazing friend and I know if I need cheering up and to be positive she is someone I can go to.
I really admire her positivity and wanted to know how she stays positive even when faced with situations that aren't particularly easy or pleasant.

When I came out, I felt that comments I received from strangers on the street were just part of being gay. 

One evening after work, when I was a teenager, I asked my dad to shave my head. At the time, to me, hair was something that grew back. I didn't give a second thought to what comments I would receive. 

Several weeks later, whilst in a restaurant with my mum, a table of grown adults (at least physically) sat loudly discussing me and making jokes. I was less than 4ft from them. 

I was embarrassed and angry, not for me, but for my mum. My mum couldn't actually hear them properly, but I could. I heard them refer to me as a fat man, due to my size and their views that short hair equals a man. I was worried it would ruin my mums night. We never went out for dinner on our own and these poorly behaved people, were ruining it. The rest of the meal I tried making myself as small as possible. I felt that if I could appear small in my mind, they would stop. They didn't and eventually we left. 

That night I realised I'd been pretending that people's words didn't hurt me. But rather than see them as the ones with the issue, I felt it was me. I thought that I brought it upon myself. Sometimes others even told me I brought it upon myself. I wore mens clothes, had a shaved head and tattoos, so therefore I was making myself a target. 

For many years I was lead to believe that if anyone made a comment, looked at me with disgust or shouted "lesbian" across the road at me, that it was my fault for making myself a victim. 

Several years later, with a Mohawk, still wearing mens clothes and definitely higher up the butch spectrum than the femme, I met the woman who would change my world. 

She loved me for me, she never asked me to change (even though she hated my hair) and she allowed me space to discover a way to like myself. 

It was shortly before I met Clara, that I discovered the law of attraction. Which, if you're not familiar, is a process of the universe mirroring your emotions and desires. There are many good books out there to read, if you wish to know more specifically about the LOA, one being the best selling, The Secret. But in short, the universe provides what you ask for, as long as you believe you are worthy, are positive and allow the universe to mirror you. 

When I met C, I wrote three things on a piece of paper and placed them in a lightbox in my room.

1 - Clara would fall in love with me

2 - We would have a long, happy relationship

3 - I would find a job I loved to do. 

By the time C and I married, I was pretty convinced of the power of the Universe. 

I was still receiving the odd comment and negative attitude from strangers. But I started to realise I wasn't targeting my positivity towards those who made comments. Instead I still felt I kind of deserved them...... And that was where I was going wrong

I started to write a list of affirmations and things I was grateful for. I felt better about myself and started to see that I didn't deserve these ignorant comments. The issue wasn't me, the issue was with those sharing negativity. I was feeding this negativity with my sadness which in turn was drawing more negativity towards me. 

I'm not saying the comments have stopped or that I don't get odd looks every now and then. But being more positive in myself, has stopped me reacting to their negativity and allowed me to see the positivity I am surrounded by each day. 

I like to look for those happy moments, the little things people say and do that are usually missed, as most people get to the end of their day and talk about all the crappy things that have happened.

Looking at life this way has changed me, I can make my own day a good day and trust me, it's so much more fun to have a good day. 

** I'm not telling you to ignore hateful comments like homophobia, racism or other threatening behaviour. These things must be dealt with! **



My Ultimate Wardrobe {Capture By Lucy}

Lucy who blogs at Capture By Lucy is one of my Ultimate bloggers. I have followed her blog for a year now, although only recently realised she was knew to the blogging world when I started following her, seriously, the woman is a pro!
Lucy's blog is a work of art, thanks to the subjects she blogs about and her amazing photography.
One thing I've noticed about Lucy is how well dressed she is all of the time, and knowing she has such great taste in clothes I wondered where on earth she kept them all.

When we were planning our extension the year before we had Sammy, there was one thing I was desperate for. A walk in wardrobe. 

I remember going to Florida with my cousins when we were young and the villa, or rather the wardrobes, blew me away!

How wonderful to be able to walk in, see all your clothes and have space for boxes above and below. It seems the norm for American house builders to factor in a space for an English woman's dream closet.

I share my home as part of my Happy Home Tour on my blog. You can have a peek at my living room and kitchen and I hinted that our bedroom was next! So you will have to pop over to my blog and see the next instalment to see how my very own walk in wardrobe turned out!

We did the best with the space we had and have a wardrobe that has a great racking system from Ikea. Open so we can see everything. Room for memory boxes on a top shelf and space underneath for shoes and odds and ends.

If I had all the money in the world though, I think these would have to be my inspiration.

You can see all of these on my Fantasy House Pinterest board.

Light, airy and open. I don't see the point in hiding all your clothes away if they are in a dedicated room! I have see a few celebrity closets on the internet and none of them ever seem to have windows, they are so dark!

I adore the idea of a little stool or ottoman in the centre, so you can enjoy sitting in the space. And driftwood rails - oh my days!

What do you think? Are these walk in wardrobes over the top or a must have if you could blow the budget?!

Thank you to Lauren for having me, Lauren has fast become one of my best blogging friends, if only I could get her to move to Weston Super Mare! Have a fabulous holiday Lauren - we miss you!

If you fancy reading more about me, our family and my little life you can follow my blog here


Motivational Monday #6

That is all.


The Ordinary Moments #2

I took this photo last weekend. We were taking our Me and Mine photos and Charles walked over to his little planters by our vegetable garden and knelt down like this to see how his "growings" were doing. I was just testing my focus for a photo idea and looked to find this photo.
I really like it.
It pretty much sums up our Summer at home. Charles has taken a real interest in gardening and is very strict about making sure his plants are watered everyday.
If I'm lucky he'll water my ones too, and daddy's vegetables.

I love the way children kneel to explore like this. I think there is a real sense of innocence and interest in their body language.



Some Things I Love #7

The weather report for Holland next week. So far, looking good!
It was date night for us and this time we went to Theatre in the Forest at Jimmy's Farm. We went last year as I won tickets in a competition and had such an amazing time that we couldn't resist going this year.
We had a lovely picnic, then sat and held hands and giggled whilst we watched Taming of the Shrew.

I bought these French Connection sunglasses on Sunday. I'd already had a little spending splurge in Dorothy Perkins and Wallis then headed into Boots to browse. I tried these on and fell in love, looked at the price tag (£39.00) and thought against buying them, well couldn't afford them due to the other slurge.
I was a little heartbroken as I knew they would be one of those items that you walk away from and can't stop thinking about and will regret not buying. THEN I noticed a sign "half price sunglasses"!! Sold!!

There is nothing better than driving in the car, on a nice hot sunny day, on your way to shop solo, with no children in the back distracting you, and having two of your favourite songs come on the radio one after the other.

Date nights. I love them and we feel it's really important for us to just have that time together, even if we do just talk about the boys.

stil badge


Tomorrow and Next Week



Beanies Instant Coffee {Review}

One thing I can't go a day without is coffee. It was only when I was pregnant with Harry that I started to appreciate coffee, thanks to tea which set off my morning sickness.

I was recently offered some Beanies Instant Coffee to review. My first job was to select which flavours to choose. I went for Irish Cream and Rich Hazelnut and was sent a surprise 3rd jar, which was double chocolate.

If we have a takeaway coffee I tend to get a dash of hazelnut syrup so I had high hopes for this flavour, Irish Cream is my special treat mainly at Christmas but if we have any Irish Cream in the house then it is the law to have at least one cup of coffee with it in.

As soon as you open the caps on any of the flavours you are immiately hit by the most amazing fragrance. The coffee plus the smell of the additional flavour is quite strong but not at all overwhelming. In fact I now want candles in the exact same scents.

I went for the Double Chocolate flavour first and although I'm not a big chocolate fan, I really liked this. The smell of the chocolate was quite strong but when brewed the taste wasn't as strong, which for me was a good thing.
The Rich Hazelnut coffee also didn't disappoint and tasted better than the takeaway coffees with added syrup.

My mum was the one to try the Irish Cream flavour, and although the smell was amazing she wasn't blown away by the flavour. She found it to be a little too strong and asked for sugar to be added (she doesn't normally have sugar).
With this in mine I thought I would experiment a little and make one of my Frappucinos using this coffee. It worked SO well that I don't think I'll ever make a Frappucino with "plain" coffee again.

I would buy these flavours again, and will also be trying some of the other flavours, especially as I've just seen that Sainsburys stock them! I think next on my list to try is Cinder Toffee.

One 125g jar of Beanies Instant coffee costs £2.75.

I was sent these jars for the purpose of this review.


A Norwich Date Day

Almost a month ago we sent the boys to my mums for the day and spent a much needed day together. We
were going to go on a lovely tour of a Royal building nearby but with tours fully booked we had to think up an alternative.
So we got on the train at 9.50 and headed over to Norwich. Once we got there we found a Costa Coffee and sat enjoying a view of the river, eating a pastry each and a latte.
One thing we haven't done is to visit the Cathedral, and with nothing really planned today we decided to go and have a look around.
There was a service going on at the time so we looked at the other areas and were left stunned by the beauty of it all. I was going to include more photos of the Cathedral here but it deserves a post of it's own.

We then decided to go and get a drink from somewhere. We headed to Giraffe and chose a cocktail from their menu. We were slightly disappointed at first as these exciting flavours were quite boring in the sense that we couldn't taste the alcohol, we were pretty much convinced that we had been conned...until half an hour later when we started giggling when we popped into the shopping precinct. We then realised that there was alcohol in the cocktails afterwards.
Then it was time for food. We had booked a restuarant but we were delayed after our cocktail drinking and with it being nearby we instead tried to get into Yo Sushi, which just happened to be packed, so we thought we could just turn up at the place we had booked and apologise for being late.
On the way there though we went past a Cuban restaurant. I'd noticed it before and thought the menu looked interesting and before I knew it we were out the back sat with a menu choosing which Tapas we wanted.
We had a wonderful time here, just talking, drinking Mojitos, Daquiris, and Rum. And at this point my husband offered to treat me to a dress I had seen at Joules on the way there.
Our tapas took an hour to get to us, in which time we were a bit fed up so decided to not then order a main and instead head to Yo Sushi again. The tapas were amazing, but we just didn't want to face another hour long wait for more food.
We went via the Joules shop and I left a very happy girl with one of my dream dresses (the boat dress as featured in one of my lust lists).
We got a booth straight away at Yo Sushi and after a couple of dishes we were full and decided to get the train home. 
We had enough time to walk back via the Cathedral, this time managing to have a walk inside. 
If you are ever in Norwich you must take a look around the Cathedral, it is truly beautiful.

Arriving back in our home town we stopped off for a drink in a bar on the way back to our house.
My feet had been hurting for a while so I decided to take my boots off and walked home clutching onto them and just walking in my tights. 
It wasn't until I got home and put my pjs on that I noticed the extent of the damage my boots had caused to my feet. Blisters. OUCH!
It was a really wonderful day and I loved having my husband to myself. Enjoying each others company, having a drink together, sharing our food.

Tonight we are off to a theatre in the forest and I simply cannot wait to have that quality time with my husband, snuggled in the woodland watching Shakespeare.



Medela Monday: Symphony Pump

 Medela’s Symphony is the most advanced breastpump on the market and is the ideal for any mum experiencing high demand and needs or wants to express with a hospital grade pump in the comfort of her own home. Many mums will already be aware of the Symphony commonly known as ‘the yellow pump’, as it is found in many UK hospitals and was also recently seen on the hit TV show Midwives. 

Those who have used a Symphony in hospital will be used to its incredible efficiency and support, and as so many mums come to rely on it, Medela have now made it possible for mums to rent the Symphony for as long as they need to use it. Renting the Symphony is not only cost effective (less than £1.50 a day), it guarantees the best support. As Medela pumps are recommended by health professionals around the world, mums can rest assured they have made the right choice and concentrate on the task at hand, expressing nutritious breastmilk.
The Symphony provides a unique level of support thanks to Medela’s exclusive 2 phase technology, which mimics how a baby feeds at the breast. Based on their own scientific research, Medela discovered that babies feed in two different phases, they start off with fast and light sucks to stimulate milk flow, and then move to deeper longer sucks. The Symphony works in the same way, meaning that expressing is super-efficient and exactly what mum is used to.
The Symphony has proved invaluable to mums of multiples, premature babies, or those returning to work and is also very popular with mums who wish to donate to milk banks. Renting a Symphony could not be easier for mums, they simply need to call Medela, who will then be able to deliver the pump at a convenient time, and also collect it when mum has finished using it.
The Symphony really is the ultimate pump for any mum experiencing high demand!
To rent a pump directly from Medela please call customer services on: 0161 776 0400

Disclosure: Medela Sponsored me to go to Britmums Live.

Motivational Monday #5

Something I hear a lot, particularly from people planning to have children is that they will "wait until the time is right".
This can include feeling ready, or being able to afford a child.
I know most of my readers are parents (at least I they are) so most will agree that if you wait until you can afford a child, then you will never have one. The costs are endless and never stop, but with clever planning and taking advantage of charity shops and hand me downs it doesn't have to be that expensive.

I'm also comparing the quote to ways I have been feeling with my blog. I have had so many plans, things to start, things to do, and I've held off for so long that it feels too late.
There are posts I've had in draft since April. APRIL. And now as we reach the end of August I wonder if I will ever get those posts live, or if they are even relevant anymore.
I tend to sit on things and wait until the "right time" and have now realised that it's not always worth doing.
Taking risks and having a go seems the better option.


The Ordinary Moments #1

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working a rare Sunday.Following my anxiety attack the previous day I didn't feel like going out with the boys and with good weather I decided to make the most of our garden.
We bought this sun tent last year and used it just once, so I decided to set it up in the garden.
We had an absolutely lovely day, reading books, having tickle fights, the boys were attacking me with the colourful balls you can see on the grass. We had lunch in the tent, followed by a sneaky Chocolate Eclair and Jaffa Cake treat.
I stood in the kitchen to eat my eclair, just watching them from the window. They sat in silence and ate their cakes. But just seeing them sitting together, eating, in each others company, made me swell with pride.
Just that simple little moment, where you see your children and can't believe they are yours.

We normally have to limit our garden time due to my husbands work and noise levels so it was nice to be able to spend all day out there making as much noise as we wanted.
I'm also usually quite funny about mess in the garden (my husband hates it when we have lots of things cluttering up the garden) so that day I just let the boys do as they wanted.
I wanted a relaxed day, enjoying each other, enjoying our garden.
Giggling, cuddling, tickling and just being us. Cheesy smiles and all.

Silent Sunday 180813

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