Back to School with Nutmeg {Review}

 With Charles starting big boy school in September we are on a mad rush to get his uniform together and perfect before we go on holiday at the end of August.
We were lucky enough to be sent some pieces from Nutmeg to start off our school uniform collection.
Until recently I wasn't aware of the Nutmeg brand. We've just had a second Morrisons store open in the town near us and whilst shopping in there I saw the new aisle dedicated to clothing.

Morrisons have said about the Nutmeg brand:
We think what makes Nutmeg a bit different is the thoughtful details. Knowing there's nothing worse than a tickly label, all the clothes (school and non-school) are free from rough, itchy or tickly labels. And all jackets, tops and t-shirts are made from super soft fabrics for all day comfort. DIY is a big theme in the collection – where there's a zip, they're are big and chunky so kids can do them up themselves and trousers have adjustable waistbands, designed to be easily pulled up and perfect for growth spurts. Get more info on the Nutmeg range here.

We were sent a pack of white polo tshirts, a pair of grey trousers, a blue sweatshirt, a pack of socks and a pair of plimsolls.
The tshirts are in a size 4-5 and are a perfect fit for Charles. They are good quality and well made. They are also soft and from a previous browse around shops in town I found some white polo shirts can be quite rough and 'scratchy'. A pack of 2 polo tshirts cost £2.

The trousers, again are in a size 4-5, and I can't really give an opinion on the fit as Charles is SUPER slim and always needs the aid of an adjustable waist, which thankfully these trousers have. They also have belt loops if the adjustable waist isn't enough.
They are quite long but this isn't an issue as I can simply 'wonder-web' them to size and over time let them down as Charles grows.
Again, the quality is good.
These trousers are priced at £3.

Although Charles will be wearing a branded school sweatshirt I ordered a blue sweatshirt for him to use in PE lessons. Again, it is well made, nice and thick which makes me confident that he won't freeze when playing sports games outside in the winter months.
It fits perfectly, with a little bit of room to grow and I think could easily last 2 winters.
The sweatshirt costs £3.

I ordered a size 8 in the plimsolls not realising Charles now needed a size 9, so I can't comment on the fit. They are slip on and feel really solid. I've taken some photos of them to show the quality of them as it was something that impressed by.
The plimsolls cost £3.

I was quite surprised by the socks. A pack of 5 ankle socks cost just £2! I expected them to maybe be thin but they are PERFECT. Not to thick, not too thin and the sizing is perfect. I can't fault them at all.

We were sent the items listed for the purpose of this review. Thank you Morrisons.
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