Because Life Isn't Edited

<insert here a piece about how much I love photography, how many photos I take>
Anyway, I don't need to go on about the above as I hope that's covered by the majority of the posts on my blog.
Whenever I upload photos to my blog I tend to sit and go through my favourites, which one are essential to the story I'm telling, and which ones of me look the best and the most flattering (hard job that one). 
Sometimes it's an slight tweak on the contrast and/or exposure, and sometimes it's a full on exposure, contrast, texture, bokeh, clone, effect-fest.
Whatever the photo needs or doesn't need, I sort. To the best I can. And to best suit my "style".
I'm not afraid to post photos which aren't completely in focus, although it does make me cringe slightly inside, but I'm not a professional and would never claim to be so I'm not overally bothered.

A couple of months ago my camera fell and my favourite lens smashed. I was heartbroken. Who knew this piece of equipment could pull at your heart strings so much? Equally as annoying was that I had bought it brand new from a photographer friend for less than they are on the market. So double Grrr. And even more annoying I was going to take it to Britmums and for our London weekend and couldn't afford to replace it so...triple grrrrr.

Thankfully I was able to finally buy a  new one last week thanks to a couple of sponsored posts (see, we do them for a reason) and on Saturday he arrived.
Today, with nice weather and a need to get outdoors, Charles decided he wanted to walk around "our field". I decided instead to drive him to a nearby one as I thought it would be good for us to have a complete change of scenery and the area around there is beautiful.
Seriously, so many people moan about the town I live in but we have 4 beaches, and this beautiful countryside area, I love it with all my heart. 
Annoyingly though the farmer of this field clearly doesn't appreciate the fact that people might want to actually walk along the PUBLIC FOOTPATH which is clearly signed and our walk was cut short due to having to dodge stinging nettles and various prickly things. The footpath was so small that (teeny tiny) Charles even said "I have an idea. If we walk sideways, then we can walk. That's the plan".
Instead we walked to the other side of the road and walked down the lane until Harry told us he was 'tied' and wanted to go home.

I took my camera, for a play, and I'm so glad I did. How amazing is this field, and the scenery?
And my boys, I know not everyone will find them even half as yummy as I do but I just look at them in these photos and want to burst with pride.

And talking of bursting with pride. I am so proud of these photos that I'm just going to post them, unedited. Because I can. And because I feel confident enough to do so.
I don't feel confident enough with the two photos of me that I've posted, but I am SO ridiculously proud of them because Charles took them. His photography talent is astonishing.
I've also set a new rule, if I am willing to leave the house looking like I do then I shouldn't be silly when it comes to posting photos online.
Yes I hate myself right now, the way I look but for now, it's me. It's not ideal, I know I need to change. And I'll get there.
And I can't edit myself in real life so why edit myself here? Also, these photos show the scenery as it is. Pure, golden and beautiful. Editing them would mean it was almost a different place, in my eyes today.

Of course I will still edit other photos, and don't see anything wrong with that.
But these, just didn't need it.

This is not a boast, but sometimes it's ok to be proud of yourself.


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