Medela Monday: Symphony Pump

 Medela’s Symphony is the most advanced breastpump on the market and is the ideal for any mum experiencing high demand and needs or wants to express with a hospital grade pump in the comfort of her own home. Many mums will already be aware of the Symphony commonly known as ‘the yellow pump’, as it is found in many UK hospitals and was also recently seen on the hit TV show Midwives. 

Those who have used a Symphony in hospital will be used to its incredible efficiency and support, and as so many mums come to rely on it, Medela have now made it possible for mums to rent the Symphony for as long as they need to use it. Renting the Symphony is not only cost effective (less than £1.50 a day), it guarantees the best support. As Medela pumps are recommended by health professionals around the world, mums can rest assured they have made the right choice and concentrate on the task at hand, expressing nutritious breastmilk.
The Symphony provides a unique level of support thanks to Medela’s exclusive 2 phase technology, which mimics how a baby feeds at the breast. Based on their own scientific research, Medela discovered that babies feed in two different phases, they start off with fast and light sucks to stimulate milk flow, and then move to deeper longer sucks. The Symphony works in the same way, meaning that expressing is super-efficient and exactly what mum is used to.
The Symphony has proved invaluable to mums of multiples, premature babies, or those returning to work and is also very popular with mums who wish to donate to milk banks. Renting a Symphony could not be easier for mums, they simply need to call Medela, who will then be able to deliver the pump at a convenient time, and also collect it when mum has finished using it.
The Symphony really is the ultimate pump for any mum experiencing high demand!
To rent a pump directly from Medela please call customer services on: 0161 776 0400

Disclosure: Medela Sponsored me to go to Britmums Live.
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