Motivational Monday #5

Something I hear a lot, particularly from people planning to have children is that they will "wait until the time is right".
This can include feeling ready, or being able to afford a child.
I know most of my readers are parents (at least I they are) so most will agree that if you wait until you can afford a child, then you will never have one. The costs are endless and never stop, but with clever planning and taking advantage of charity shops and hand me downs it doesn't have to be that expensive.

I'm also comparing the quote to ways I have been feeling with my blog. I have had so many plans, things to start, things to do, and I've held off for so long that it feels too late.
There are posts I've had in draft since April. APRIL. And now as we reach the end of August I wonder if I will ever get those posts live, or if they are even relevant anymore.
I tend to sit on things and wait until the "right time" and have now realised that it's not always worth doing.
Taking risks and having a go seems the better option.
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