My Ultimate Wardrobe {Capture By Lucy}

Lucy who blogs at Capture By Lucy is one of my Ultimate bloggers. I have followed her blog for a year now, although only recently realised she was knew to the blogging world when I started following her, seriously, the woman is a pro!
Lucy's blog is a work of art, thanks to the subjects she blogs about and her amazing photography.
One thing I've noticed about Lucy is how well dressed she is all of the time, and knowing she has such great taste in clothes I wondered where on earth she kept them all.

When we were planning our extension the year before we had Sammy, there was one thing I was desperate for. A walk in wardrobe. 

I remember going to Florida with my cousins when we were young and the villa, or rather the wardrobes, blew me away!

How wonderful to be able to walk in, see all your clothes and have space for boxes above and below. It seems the norm for American house builders to factor in a space for an English woman's dream closet.

I share my home as part of my Happy Home Tour on my blog. You can have a peek at my living room and kitchen and I hinted that our bedroom was next! So you will have to pop over to my blog and see the next instalment to see how my very own walk in wardrobe turned out!

We did the best with the space we had and have a wardrobe that has a great racking system from Ikea. Open so we can see everything. Room for memory boxes on a top shelf and space underneath for shoes and odds and ends.

If I had all the money in the world though, I think these would have to be my inspiration.

You can see all of these on my Fantasy House Pinterest board.

Light, airy and open. I don't see the point in hiding all your clothes away if they are in a dedicated room! I have see a few celebrity closets on the internet and none of them ever seem to have windows, they are so dark!

I adore the idea of a little stool or ottoman in the centre, so you can enjoy sitting in the space. And driftwood rails - oh my days!

What do you think? Are these walk in wardrobes over the top or a must have if you could blow the budget?!

Thank you to Lauren for having me, Lauren has fast become one of my best blogging friends, if only I could get her to move to Weston Super Mare! Have a fabulous holiday Lauren - we miss you!

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