Name It Clothing {Review}

I always try to dress the boys in nice clothes. Of course they have the odd top which is slightly old, has a stain on it or isn't really to my taste but was a gift from someone. I tend to think that the better quality clothes must be expensive and over-priced, so we tend to shop at particular shops for the cheaper priced clothes.

That was until last month when I was introduced to Name It clothing.
I was sent some items selected to suit my boys. First of all the person who picked out the items clearly has great tastes and researched what suits my boys as the outfits sent were all very "them".

Since 1986 we have been providing families all over the world with colourful, quality clothing for children at very affordable prices. The name it designs are created by Happy and Caring people who are inspired by children. Our children's clothing is both a self-assured and fashionable choice.
After more than 25 years on the market, we know and understand children across religious and cultural boundaries, and our core values originate from children's fantastic, loving and bountiful nature.
Our five core values are inspired by children:
  • sustainability
  • friendship
  • creativity
  • well being and fitness
  • animal welfare
The values are reflected in everything we do, as what is important to children is also important to us.

Charles was sent:
A colourful stripey t shirt
Bright blue Hawaiian shorts
UV swim top

Harry was sent:
Scuba Diving Camera tshirt
Blue combo style shorts
Blue and white stripey jumper

We were all instantly attracted to the colours and styles of the clothing. The bright colours and designs really caught the boys attention.
Then of course it was my turn to really inspect the clothes. I looked at the quality which is AMAZING. The tshirts are 100% pure cotton and are so soft. I could immediately feel the different in quality between them and other tshirts we've bought.
The sizing was spot on for our boys. Harry's bottoms are a little long but I tend to put my boys in clothes which are too big as we then get more wear out of them. I think boys can get away with the over-sized look.
And the price, feeling the material, and the quality of the clothes as well as the overall designs I was sure these would be expensive. So I looked online not only at the items we were sent but at other items I would buy the boys and was surprised to see that nothing is expensive or overpriced. You're looking at around £5-£15 for each item or maybe even less, which is what we would usually be happy to spend on our boys.

I can't wait to pack these items away for our Summer holiday. I can see us buying a lot of Name It clothes from now on.

The only downside is that their own website is quite hard to navigate in terms of sizes and the price not being in pounds, and there is a minimum spend value which is frustrating if you only want to buy a couple of t shirts. But the range is available at House of Fraser..

We were sent these items for the purpose of this review.
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