Qfiber Heat Therapy Wrap {Review}

Due to bad posture, stress, carrying two boys around my body tends to ache in certain places on a regular basis. And then at a certain time of the month my back seems to completely breakdown on me. Not even paracetamol can cure the aches and pains.

I was sent a Qfiber Heat Wrap from JD Harris and was interested to see if it would cure, or help to reduce the aches and pains.

The Qfiber wrap is an advanced infrared heat therapy system used to restore health, relieve pain and rejuvenate muscles and joints. The multi-layer fabric technology releases infrared heat on contact, the same heat our bodies need from the sun to be healthy.

It's wearable therapy that goes where you go:
1-Patented Qfiber multi-layer fabric is fireproof, lightweight, formatting and emits high levels of infrared therapy.
2- Infrared heat penetrates deeper into muscles and joints than traditional heat therapy.
3- Fully adjustable contour wraps are comfortable and convenient, while staying secure and breathable for longer treatment sessions.
4- Detachable strap extensions allow for full body coverage.

I used the Qfiber Wrap for my lower back and my shoulders.
I found that a 20 minute session was enough to ease (not cure) any aches I had. It was slightly tricky to set up due to the amount of components:
Heating Pad
USB plug on heating pad
USB socket
Thermal indicator
Power and thermal button
Controller Plug
Wrap extensions
But once I used it a couple of times I knew exactly what I needed and where it needed to go.

My husband also used the wrap in his shoulders and neck as he tends to suffer with muscle aches. He saw a chiropractor earlier on this year and although the problem eased it still niggles every now and again, and the Qfiber Wrap helps him enough and stops the pain from getting any worse.

The heat wrap is currently priced at £52.95, which I think is a very reasonable price.

We were sent a Qfiber Heat Wrap from JD Harris for the purpose of this review.
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