Some Things I Love #4

This week saw the end of July which meant it was Me and Mine time!
We had a great turn out for the Family Portrait Project this month. It's my favourite time of the month where blogging is concerned. I cannot wait to see everyone's photos for the month, how families have changed, what they have been up to and where they have been

We went crabbing on Thursday with my brother which was lots of fun. The spot we found was actually quite high up so we didn't risk the boys joining in, and annoyingly we had a great sandy spot but forget their bucket and spade (and didn't realise until we were going home that there was a shack selling them nearby). Harry stayed in his pushchair the whole time and didn't moan once. He was a star.
Charles played and managed to hurt his foot (might involve a doctors appointment on Monday) as he jumped from a small wall into the sand.
My brother was a pro at crabbing and managed to catch around 20, I managed 5 in 4 hours. Well, I caught more but they fell off on the way up so it doesn't count, and then there was the one that landed on the sea wall and jumped back into the sea (I do hope he is ok)

We've had a couple of weeks of being out and about with my brother whilst he's been visiting, with the hot weather I've just been slipping on my really comfy but super cheap Primark Birkenstock style sandals.
I really really really wish I'd bought them in the other colours available too.
You can see how worn they are. They cost me either £2 or £4, I'm seriously considering getting another pair (or three) in time for our holiday at the end of the month.

My husband has been covering a couple of shows on Heart East Anglia this week so we have been listening to him on there. Harry's new thing to say is "Daddy thisisheart".

My laptop. For obvious reasons.

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