Some Things I Love #5

Early last Sunday I wrote this post, I Am An Awful Mother. I tend to find I can write from the heart at stupid o clock in the morning and I felt I really opened up in this post, as I have done before.
I was immediately met with some really supportive messages on Twitter and also some really supportive comments on the blog post itself.
I'm pretty rubbish at replying to those comments, and I must make more of an effort to but I get so overwhelmed by the support that I don't know what to say back. Thanks or ThankYou doesn't seem enough.
(So some thing I read- supportive comments and tweets)
After discovering a CassetteBoy vs Beauty Vloggers video on YouTube, Kirsty from MyTwoMums mentioned the CassetteBoy vs The Bloody Apprentice. It might be 4 years old but it is SO funny.


I gave in to temptation and after reading so many positive reviews for the Barry M Gelly nail varnishes I ended up buying 3. Greenberry, Blueberry and Grapefruit. The colours are amazing and so far I really like the varnishes.
I couldn't pick just one to wear so I am wearing them all.
Last week I finally got a phone which was able to give me access to Instagram. Yaywoo!!
At 11.30 on Thursday Harry woke up, totally wide awake wanting a chat and a cuddle and just to be silly. I settled him down at one point by getting him to watch himself on my phone. He loved it and I recorded a little video.
I can't stop listening to the way he says mummy, and how he is amazed that he can see me in the phone despite me being on his lap. The last time he says mummy gives me goosebumps.
I'm not sure if there is anyway I can grab the video from Instagram onto here but you can view the video by clicking here.
My camera. In all honesty I'm not the most careful owner and how it isn't completely broken and usable now I do not know BUT I couldn't live without it.
Sometimes I think I'd like a better one but then I think even if I had a better one, I would still want something more.
When I get those feelings of wanting to upgrade I simply go out, and challenge myself and my camera and end up falling in love all over again.

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