The Ordinary Moments #1

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working a rare Sunday.Following my anxiety attack the previous day I didn't feel like going out with the boys and with good weather I decided to make the most of our garden.
We bought this sun tent last year and used it just once, so I decided to set it up in the garden.
We had an absolutely lovely day, reading books, having tickle fights, the boys were attacking me with the colourful balls you can see on the grass. We had lunch in the tent, followed by a sneaky Chocolate Eclair and Jaffa Cake treat.
I stood in the kitchen to eat my eclair, just watching them from the window. They sat in silence and ate their cakes. But just seeing them sitting together, eating, in each others company, made me swell with pride.
Just that simple little moment, where you see your children and can't believe they are yours.

We normally have to limit our garden time due to my husbands work and noise levels so it was nice to be able to spend all day out there making as much noise as we wanted.
I'm also usually quite funny about mess in the garden (my husband hates it when we have lots of things cluttering up the garden) so that day I just let the boys do as they wanted.
I wanted a relaxed day, enjoying each other, enjoying our garden.
Giggling, cuddling, tickling and just being us. Cheesy smiles and all.
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