Why I Snap {Katie from Mummy Daddy Me}

When I decided to have some guest bloggers I couldn't not ask Katie.
Katie was one of the first blogs I followed as we started around the same time. Her blog, Mummy Daddy Me, is dedicated to her two beautiful little girls and features family stories, letters to both girls, honest feelings and Katie's stunning photography.

I was delighted when Katie agreed to post and I really wanted to feature some of her beautiful photos. As a fellow photography fan I wanted to know more about Katie's interest in the topic and why she loves it so much.

Why do you like photography?

I love the fact that I can capture every little detail of my family life.  I am recording our moments, our memories and our story.  I love photographing the exciting holidays, the days out and the family parties, as well as the simple days, the ordinary moments and the simple aspects of our lives. I can imagine sitting at the kitchen table with my girls when they are all grown up, laughing at their childhood laid out in photos in front of them.  That is why I love photography.

What do you like taking photos of?

Primarily I love to take photos of my little girls and our family.  My camera is glued to my hand, whether it is my DSLR or my iPhone and I love to capture our ordinary moments and our day to day life.  I love lifestyle type photographs which tell a story rather than posed shots.  Of course I love the posed style shots too but I know in years to come it will be the lifestyle shots that will be the most fun to look back on.  I love looking back of photos of my childhood and laugh at the cars in the background or what kind of toys I was playing with.  Besides from family, I have an interest in macro photography too.  

Do you have a particular style?

I kind of answered your question above there!  I think I am still trying to find my niche and learn my style but I definitely like photos that tell a story rather than posed shots.   I really like black and white photography and also dreamy type photos too.  

When did you first get into photography?

I have always been interested in photography from a very young age, I was always the one at school and university with my disposable camera snapping photos of our drunken nights out.  I got my first DSLR in my final year of uni but I struggled to find what I liked to photograph bar a few landscape and nature shots.  When Mads my little girl was born in December 2010 I soon dug my DSLR off from under the bed, and became obsessed with taking photos of her.  My passion grew and grew so I bought a new camera and I saw my photography improving as I figured out what I wanted to photograph.

What kind of photos do you like looking at?

I love lots of different styles of photography.  I love looking at beautiful landscape photos, although I am not really interested in taking them myself, and I love all types of Macro photography.  I think I can just appreciate a good photograph in general and I love to buy coffee table photograph books to flick through. My absolute favourite photographer is David La Chapelle and I have all his books- he does really styled, bright, obscene portraits of celebrities and he really tells a story through this photos.
Blog wise, I have loads that I look at, but I love Captureby Lucy for her beautiful use of flowers and styled photography, DearBeautiful, Real Housewife of Suffolk County and My Two Mums for their gorgeous family photographs and Ginger Lilly Tea for her dreamy, whimsical photographs of her children.  But there are literally hundreds of blogs which have wonderful photographs that I admire.

What are your three favourite photographs you have ever taken?

My goodness this is a really really hard one, as I have so many that I love.  These aren’t my absolute favourites but they are three that I really love:

1.I adore this photo of my little girl Mads.  It’s a year or so old but is still one of my favourites and we actually got it blown up on canvas for her ‘big girl room’ as she loves it too cause she is flying.  My husband is hiding in the rape seed and although he did throw her a little higher than he probably should have done, it isn’t as reckless as it seems.  I remember the day so well, it was so hot and a lovely bankholiday weekend and I get nice, happy memories when I think about it.

2. I love this photo of my youngest daughter LL.  I did it as part of a post quite recently talking about a day in the life of a 6month old baby and it is just a snap shot of her in her crib in the morning but I think it’s gorgeous as the black and white really brings out her eyes.  She has very lovely big eyes that are a dream to photograph, although I know I am very biased!

3.  This is another one of my favourite ever photographs of Mads and if my walls weren’t already full of frames I would think about putting it on canvas.  She had great fun doing this mini photoshoot with balloons and I love the care free, dreamy look of this photo.  I think it totally captures how she is at this moment in time, a happy, cheeky, innocent toddler who is no longer a baby but not yet a child.

Why I Snap is going to become a weekly series on my blog. If you want to be featured/join in please email me realhousewifeofsuffolk@gmail.com
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