Affinity Pond Pillar {Review}

At the beginning of August we were very lucky and were sent a pond to review from Swell UK. Typically the rain arrived, along with the pond, so it was a while until we were able to put it together, and then we had our holiday, and then Charles started school...argh...but now I am delighted to be able to share our new garden accessory.

The pond we were sent was the Blagdon Affinity Pond Pillar.
It is perfect for people, like us, who want a pond but don't have the space to dig up to dedicate to a pond, or maybe want something a little different.
I had a go at building the pond whilst my husband was at work. I think the true test of something that needs to be build is if the weak wife can do it (ie me) and I was able to get the majority of it done (Who knew that fitting screws was such a big job?! My bingo wings certainly had a good work out!)
The pond came with easy to follow instructions and was as simple as fixing the 4 sides together and then inserting and fixing the pond liner in place.
I didn't really get involved much with putting the pump and pipes together, I was trying to keep a grabby Harry away at this point, but my husband said it was "pretty simple" and I know it didn't take him too long at all.
As well as the pump and filter the pond includes a waterfall. This is a really lovely feature, although we turn the waterfall off early evening as it is quite noisy.

The pond has circular viewing panels on three sides, which makes it perfect to watch any fish you may have, or to look at the plants you may put in there.

We planned to buy some fish once we got back from holiday but Charles' school life took over and we are now considering holding off until next year but will be adding plants really soon.
I will write some update posts when we have established plants in the pond and also when we have some fish.

I think this is a great way to add a water feature to the garden, and to be able to have a pond without having to lose any lawn space or patio space. The Pond Pillar fits perfectly into a space just near our conservatory, in fact we had various places around the garden we could have placed it due to it's compact size.
It's easy to build, easy to clean, robust and 
At £144.99 it's a great addition to any garden. Especially to a garden which, like ours, needs a bit more for the grown ups to appreciate due to being taken over by children's toys.

We were sent the Affinity Pond Pillar for the purpose of this review.
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