Exploding with Pride

Three people in my life, three special people, have made me so so proud this past month.

Firstly, Charles.
This boy who went from a baby, to a toddler, to a preschooler, had a 6 week break of being a 4 year old boy, and then....a schoolboy.
He is doing so well and I'm so proud of him. Yesterday we met with his teacher and we left on a high and couldn't wait to get home to say a big well done to our boy
My original concerns and worries about school seem so silly now.

And this boy. Harry.
I think Harry has been the most affected by Charles' start at big boy school. He misses his brother. If we go out he thinks we are going to get him, or going to see him.
But, he is really coming into his own and developing so much. I've expressed my (unnecessary) concerns about his speech before, which really is only brought on because of how early Charles spoke and how well Charles spoke from an early age. Harry has been quite different to this. It's not because he has had his brother to speak for him, it's clearly just part of his development, and mostly because I haven't had that one on one time to dedicate to him to teach him words as easily as I did with his brother.
But, these past 3 weeks he has gained so many new words, is able to have a conversation, even though I may be the only one to understand a lot of what he says. 
And yesterday, he blew my mind when he told me ALL seven days of the week!! He put on a pair of Charles' pants, these pants said Wednesday on them but Harry pointed and said, as clear as anything: TUESDAY. When I said "no they are Wednesday pants" he copied me and said, clearly "wednesday"
Then all day if you asked him what day it was he said TUESDAY.
At bedtime he was unsettled and so I went to talk to him and he told me every day of the week. Once I said well done he said "Tell Charles", so I took him through to Charles so he could tell him. Charles was so pleased and proud of his brother. 
We then had to go downstairs and tell my husband.
This morning Harry was very excited to tell daddy that it is Wednesday.

And lastly, this boy. Well, man.
My wonderful, superstar twin brother COMPLETED the three peaks challenge. It took them around 28 hours, starting on September 10th finishing on September 11th, our birthday.
He had very little training, and I really couldn't be any prouder of him. Just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes and just fills my whole body with this overwhelming emotion.
He climbed Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon to raise money for a charity called One Sight.
OneSight is dedicated to improve vision for the hundreds of million adults and children in need who can not afford basic eye care. Volunteers travel to developing countries around the world to hand-deliver free eye care and recycled eyewear through organized optical clinics. Since 1988, OneSight has provided free vision care and eyewear to more than 6 million people around the world.
I wouldn't even be able to get a quarter of the way up one of them so for him to climb all three is just.....amazing.
I've always been proud of my brother. Growing up I've always been the proudest sister. And now, nothing has changed. I will always be proud of him.
I hardly slept when he was doing the challenge. It wasn't that I was worried about him, but I wanted to be awake with him. I wanted to be awake so that I was supporting him as much as I could be. 
When I got the message from him saying that he had completed it I squealed and burst into tears. 

Dale, you really are amazing and I love you very much.

These are my brothers photos. With this one he added:
I'm not really into traveling. But I'm blown away by how beautiful the country we live in really is, just have to go explore it.

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