The Ordinary Moments #3

When we were on holiday a couple of weeks ago I spent a lot of time just watching the boys. When they were swimming, when they were eating, when they were playing, and when they were sleeping.
I watched them discovering new things, just like they do everyday. An ordinary moment, but I noticed it more. I was able to notice it more without distractions of household life or social media.
For a while I sat and watched Harry. He was holding on to this massive tree just by our villa, watching his brother play, and daydreaming. As he did this he was exploring the tree with his hands. feeling every grove, the smooth textures, the rough sharp textures.
It was really cute to watch him even thought I'm not sure he realised what he was doing.
I was able to go over and take a couple of photos of his hands on the tree, he didn't even notice he was that engrossed in what his big brother was doing.

Discovering new things: our ordinary moment.

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