Some Things I Love #10

Birthday messages and birthday cards. The billions of school letters we've had home this week.
But even more importantly, updates from my brother as he completed the 3 Peaks Challenge. He is a superstar and I am so very proud of him.
Whilst up a mountain he wrote this on Facebook, it meant so much to me.

Before my battery dies, or even worse, get eaten by mountain goats shortly. I want to wish the other half of me, my twin sister Lauren a very happy birthday for tomorrow. An inspiration and all round top girl. X

I've been watching my brothers videos from his 3 Peak Challenge. The views he saw were amazing.
Joules. And lots of it.

The new album my husband bought me for my birthday. It is AMAZING.

My UGGS. I know not everyone likes them but I can't live without mine. I loved wearing them with some thick black tights and my long sleeved Joules jumper dress.

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