Some Things I Love #11

Friday night from 7pm I was glued to my laptop and mobile as I kept up with the MAD Blog Awards. I loved how involved we could be at home and the feeling of almost being at the awards. The excitement oozed out of the computer and I felt very proud to be part of the community.
Instagram was also one of my favourite ways of keeping up with the MADS and I loved looking at everyones outfits.
It would be incredibly rude if I didn't share this as my some thing I watched this week.
It's my super lovely friends, Kirsty and Clara and their first vlog. It took me so long to watch as I kept laughing and having to pause and rewind it. They are so funny and such lovely people, I really wish I lived closer to them.

My new accessories from Dorothy Perkins. I love this scarf so much that I haven't worn it out yet, I'm a bit odd in that I like to keep new things "new" for as long as I can....then I wear them to death.
Zombies and people screaming. My husband is watching a zombie film as I write this and it is incredibly distracting and just plain horrid.

My internet friends. I know I said social media before, but these friends make life a lot more bearable.
Lonely moments are soon forgotten. And they are there for me all the time.
And they are a pretty amazing bunch.
Showing Charles a photo of them at the MADS he turned to me and said "Mummy, your friends are all very lovely", which I think is adorable, and totally true.
After Britmums I feel I've secured some solid friendships and couldn't imagine my life without these women in it.
Photos courtest of Kirsty (thank you) and the Britmums Flickr album.
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