Some Things I Love #12

I've been researching hotels for Cybher, yes already, I have a complete and utter paranoia when it comes to hotels so tend to look for holidays and hotel breaks ages in advance so I can keep up to date with reviews over time. 
I've seen some really amazing ones, I think I need to do a lot of saving for next year.
Last Sunday I had a little date with Charles. We went to the cinema to see Planes, which we've been trying to arrange for a while. We met his best friend from preschool there which was lovely. They are so silly together. The film wasn't as good as I'd hoped. It wasn't awful, but was just too similar to Cars for me.
We turned up really early to avoid a few traffic problems (although it was fine) and to get a parking space without having to use the Pay and Display.
Charles is a little obsessed with my phone and with Instagram. He likes us to take photos together and then likes to "change the colour".
This is one of them:
Oh his little hand protectively on my face makes me want to cry the happiest tears.
And this is one of him posing before we went in.

Because we are so incredibly cool we both wore Converse and Jeans to the cinema. Charles wore his Joules top and I wore my lovely green floral Joules scarf. We call this my "happy scarf" as green is Charles' favourite colour and he helped me pick the scarf a couple of months ago.
I also wore my new knitted cardigan which I love! Although it was quite warm this day so I did end up regretting it.

I absolutely love this song but I keep forgetting what it's called or who it is by but today I finally remembered. I think the guy singing sounds so much like Daniel Bedingfield.

My car. Seriously, I think I would be so lost without it. I see mums walking to and from the school run and just feel so grateful for my car. There is no way I could walk there twice a day, especially in rain, or equally when it is really hot. I love that I can get to school in loads of time, right on time, or leaving it until the last minute. Whereas if we walked it would have to be on a strict routine.

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