The Ordinary Moments #6

Selfies. Only taken by those who are vain. Right? I don't love myself, in fact there is a hell of a lot that I dislike about myself, but when my 4 year old boy, who thinks I am perfect, asks to have his photo taken with me and to "change the colour" and then "press the green button" (upload a photo to Instagram) then who am I to say no?
I may look at these photos at first and think 'oh gosh I look awful' 'I'm this....' 'I'm that....' but then I look at them a while later, maybe a week or a month or more, and I remember where we were, what we were doing. It's almost like I am back there again, and what I look like doesn't really matter.
Our first selfie together on my new phone. In the back garden, sat in the suntent. He sat on my lap, we smiled, I pressed the button and then.....he popped on my leg. The reason for his cheeky giggly face and my shocked laugh. It was so funny.

"Pose for one and then we'll go in" I said. He really did follow instructions properly. Lovely little catalogue pose right there.
These were from our cinema trip last Sunday. I love, love, love how he places his arm across my chest and clutches my face in his hand. He is so adorable. So protective. And so proud of me. As I am of him.

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