Why I Snap {Feat Bex: Mummy Adventure}

This week's 'Why I Snap' is courtesy of Bex who blogs at The Mummy Adventure about the adventure that is being a parent to two crazy loveable boys, Dylan and Archie.  

My name is Bex, I am 26 and live down in the South East. The bloke and I were busy planning a travelling trip for August 2011 but ended up spending it in the delivery suite after an unplanned pregnancy but things couldn't have worked out better.  I blog to record our alternative adventure, and to capture the moments that I don't want to forget.  I started blogging in January 2012 when Dylan was around 5 months. 

Why do you like photography? 

Photography allows me to capture all the moments that I don't want to forget - the cheeky smile as Dylan asks for another biscuit, the way Archie attacks everything open mouthed, the days out, the days in and everything else. Photography tells my story.

What do you like taking photos of? 

Mostly my boys, although as they are getting bigger and more mobile this is getting much harder! I live within walking distance of some beautiful beaches too and I love taking pictures of the sea and some of the stunning sunsets we have.

Do you have a particular style? 

Not really, I got into photograpy because of my blog and I think I am still finding my style. I am looking to invest in a DSLR over the next few weeks and hopefully I will find my groove then. I love taking pictures of the boys when they are not paying attention though, capturing them engrossed in what they are doing and completely natural.

When did you first get into photography? 

I went travelling back in 2009 and took around 3,000 photos over the 7 months I was away. I have some amazing photos from the awesome sights and I just wanted to capture every single thing to show my family and friends when I got home. When I had my first baby though, the obsession really began and I don't think my camera has been far from my hand ever since!

What kind of photos do you like looking at? 

I love all sorts and get inspired by most good photos. There is a local photographer who goes round the beaches here all through the year taking some amazing scenery shots. I really love newborn photography too, not only because it makes me broody. I don't think there is anything more perfect than a teeny tiny baby and I love looking at the creative ways people photograph them. Anne Geddes shots are beautiful.

What are your three favourite photographs you have ever taken? 

1: This photo was taken at a local beach when we were on a family day out and I love the natural lighting and setting. It captures my curious, explorative toddler perfectly. 
He ruined his shoes going in and out of the rock pools and puddles but he seemed so in awe of everything that I just enjoyed watching (and photographing him)

2: I took this photo when I was travelling in South Africa - It was my first stop on a huge trip. I was half way up climbing a mountain when I decided to take a break for lunch. As I turned a corner, I found this bench and I cannot think of a more perfect picnic spot. The view of Cape Town was stunning, and I think this photo captures that dreamy, surreal and totally amazing feeling that I had at the time as I was starting to realize quite what an experience this travelling was going to be.

3: Although we live right by the sea, this was the first time Dylan really managed to explore the sand This photo was taken on the first warm day and he was so fascinated by it all. I love the expression on his face and I remember the day so well, watching him learn and discover these new sensations.

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