Why I Snap {Feat Heather from It's All About The Photos}

This week's Why I Snap post comes from Heather. Heather is a mum of two young children and blogs over at It's All About The Photos.
Heather uses her blog to showcase her fantastic photography, as well as sharing (and crediting) photographs she has seen and has admired.

Why do you like photography?

I think I like photography because I am a very nostalgic person. I love looking back over photos and reliving happy times. I am also rather nosey which means I am love looking at other people’s photos and getting a little snapshot of their lives. If you read my blog you’ll see that I do love to look at a picture and try to work out what exactly is going on. I like to look at the little details like shadows or reflections. I love a photo that tells a story.

What do you like taking photos of?

I like to snap anything and everything really. Whatever I happen to see that catches my eye. I’m not really a people photographer but I love taking photos of my children. I am aware how quickly time is passing and how they sometimes literally change overnight. I just want to capture every moment. Some people might say I take too many photos but you don’t get these years back. I don’t want to regret not capturing a particular milestone or event.
I am also a little bit obsessed with beach huts. Therefore if we ever do find ourselves on a beach with some I do literally squeal with excitement and snap away for ages – often on multiple cameras.
I can’t resist taking photos of flowers either especially really detailed close up shots.

Do you have a particular style?

No, I don’t think I do. I like to try out all different styles of photographing and editing. I’m constantly learning so like to experiment and see what looks good. Or perhaps I do have a style but don’t realise it. I’d love to know.

When did you first get into photography?

I’ve always liked photography. I’ve always been the one on holidays, trips or parties who has their camera out. Even as a child I used to have lots of albums full of pictures I’d taken myself or rejects from my Dad or Grandad’s prints. I even ended up doing a City & Guilds qualification in photography as part of a course I was doing at college. But it wasn’t until shortly after I had my daughter that the penny dropped and I realised that photography was actually a great passion. I had been taking lots of pictures of my little girl so it meant that I had my camera with me all the time. Because of this I started taking random snaps of things around the house which I really enjoyed. So I joined Flickr, started my blog and the rest is history.

What kind of photos do you like looking at?

I like looking at all types of photos, from friend’s holiday snaps on Facebook to exhibitions in galleries. I think everyone is capable of taking an amazing photo no matter what camera they use or how much photographic knowledge they have.
There are so many blogs that are full wonderful photos and there are so many talented people on Flickr that I could spend all day making a list of my favourites. I will therefore just direct you to one photographer whose photos take my breath away every time. 

What are your three favourite photographs you have ever taken?

It was impossible to pick my top three photos so here are just three photos I love and have something to say about.

1. I’ve chosen this one of my daughter because it really sums up this summer – it’s been a carefree few months full of sunshine and adventures. This was also taken at the beginning of the holidays when she was happy to just climb on the tree roots. Now she wants to actually climb up the trees.

2: This is one of my favourite beach hut photos. I took it in Southwold in Suffolk which was a place I’d wanted to visit for ages purely because the beach huts were so pretty. And it didn’t disappoint, the beach huts there are amazing. I am just so thankful for my understanding family who didn’t mind me spending rather a long time snapping away!

3: And finally I’ve chosen this one that I took at a zoo in Barcelona just because it’s so pretty. I know it’s not an original shot. Lots and lots of people have taken photos of peacocks like this but I am just so pleased that I did too. Plus it meant a good thing that came out of an otherwise disastrous Spanish holiday.

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