Why I Snap {Feat. Kirsty}

Kirsty writes My Two Mums with her wife. My Two Mums is a blog about their many adventures in parenting, sharing images captured day to day and their views on life. Kirsty has loved photography since she was a child and has recently started a photography blog (and then I snapped) to share the many pictures she takes. Kirsty has also ventured into professional family photography and is currently working on it's launch. Taylor-Gallop Photography
Why do you like photography?
I have loved photography since I was a child. My dad gave me his old film DSLR and a lens, I used to pretend I was a professional photographer and would go around the house pretending to take pictures. Because he liked photography, our bookshelves were full of books about photography and also books which just displayed different photos. I used to sit absorbed just reading them. It allowed me to view photos from places around the world, I was able to see places I had no way of physically going to. I love how a photograph holds a story which can be interpreted how ever you wish. Only the person takes the photo knows what they are thinking that particular moment, so it’s open to interpretation by your own imagination.

What do you like taking photos of?
I love capturing images of trees, landscapes and my beautiful family. Trees are a big love of mine, I adore the different textures and changes you see a tree go through during it's life. If trees could talk they could tell us many fabulous tales. 

Do you have a particular style?
I think my tree pictures have a standard style. but I can't really put descriptive words to it. The pictures I take of people tend to be unposed and natural. I like the subject to tell the story and I feel posed images can sometimes lack that story.

When did you first get into photography?
I've been into photography since I had my first camera as a child. But I would say my photography really excelled when I got my first iphone. I discovered Iphonography which allowed me the freedom to capture life without feeling pressured by mainstream photography.

What kind of photos do you like looking at?
I love landscape, Urban exploration and natural family photography. Some of my favourites are Mummy Daddy and Me, Jay Mountford, Mondays with Mac. I don't really have a favourite landscape photographer, I just tend to adore most landscape photography.
What are your three favourite photographs you have ever taken?
(I allowed Kirsty 5 photos because she asked nicely)

1: This photo of C and M was taken on my Nikon D3100 with my 50mm lens. We were at the park and just playing, when C scooped M up for a kiss. I captured the moment and adore it. It's also a rare photo of C that she actually likes.

2: This was also taken with my Nikon D3100 with my 50mm lens. It's off my dearest friend from Devon and her beautiful family. We were enjoying a day in Lyme Regis when they stopped to have a family moment and I snapped.

3: This was taken with my iPhone one evening on Sandbanks beach. C and I were having a romantic walk when I thought the colours looked gorgeous, so I captured the moment.

4: This was one of the first pictures I took of M with my 50mm lens. He was staring up at the window and I thought he looked so beautiful.

5: This was taken on my iPhone at Poole Harbour during sunset. I adored the way the sunset reflected off the water.

'Why I Snap' is going to become a weekly series on my blog. If you want to be featured/join in please email me realhousewifeofsuffolk@gmail.com
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