I Heart..Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish

A while ago...when I say a while ago I mean way back in April (when these photos were taken and added to this post which was then stored in my drafts folder for far too long), I decided to start treating myself more. I wanted become a little more like Lauren before children. The one who was obsessed with make up and who would have every new product in Boots when it came out.
I knew every product, I knew how it worked, the prices, how often they would go on offer and so on. Then I became distracted with motherhood and cosmetics took a sideline.

So, I decided to treat myself to at least one new cosmetic/beauty product a month. And back in April I discovered the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes in Asda for just £2.
I used to be a nail biter, in fact it hasn't even been a year since I stopped yet, so nail polishes were always a rare treat. I would grow my nails for so long and then something would happen and I would start biting them again, or they would just all break, at the same time.

Before if I had grown my nails I would wear dark varnishes, I was never really a fan of the pastels, pinks, or corals. I was more into black, navy blue, grey and maybe red.
But when I tried these in Asda I fell in love. They seemed totally "me" and I had to buy them.
I painted my nails in these colours for our anniversary date out and was surprised at how pretty they made my hands feel. I think having a little colour on our nails can completely change the way we use our hands. I know I am a little softer and a little less heavy handed.

Most nail varnishes, I find, don't last very long at all. Either chipping for no reason at all, peeling after a bath, or just being cheap, but these colours lasted longer than a week. I was amazed!

I recently started wearing these colours again (I lost the cosmetics bag I was keeping them safe in) and thought that the 6 months between wearing them may have put me off and may also have ruined them but once again, they lasted a week, and even then the chipping was only minimal.
I also purchased a purple and a glitter soon after these which I also love.
The whole range of these colours is amazing. Brights, darks, pastels, glitters, reds, corals, pinks, blues, greens, you name it, they do it!
I think I'm going to go on the hunt for a bright red soon, and will most probably head for this range again!

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