Motivational Monday #12

I was having a Whatsapp chat with a friend recently and she said how she wished she had continued onto Uni after she had been at College.
My reply wasn't one I expected, as I have some regrets in regards to going to Sixth Form instead of going to college, and rather than saying "I know how you feel" I said: "But you can teach yourself now".
At that moment I realised that it isn't too late to do things you really want to do.
I look at Twitter and I see a few of my friends starting University after a few years out of school/college, and even a few years out of work as a stay at home mum.
It's not just about going to University though.
Teaching yourself new things is so easy these days with help from YouTube, and other communities online.
I keep wanting to get into sewing, having recently bought myself a new machine and learning how to use one last year but things keep holding me back (mainly time) from going in head first with it. What keeps me positive is knowing that at any point I can take it up. Even if I give up and start in 5, 10, or 15 years. It won't be too late.
One reason I love Bucket Lists is because we write this list of things we want to do and we are not putting a limit on it, well other than....you know. But everything is achievable, with no limits. 

If it's something you really want to do, in your heart, then it's never too late.
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