Motivational Monday #13

I know, bold statement right? Egotistical? Not really.
Everyday we see evidence of parents, and people in general, putting themselves down.
Parenting put downs tend to vary from:
"My child is naughty, it's obviously something I've done wrong in bringing them up"
"I've sat my child in front of Cbeebies all day #badmummy"
"My child kept fighting their nap today and I was too tired to stand my ground and make them nap #mummyfail"

We complain about everyday life. We're constantly not good enough at anything, housework, ironing, the food shop, keeping up with our blogs, what we write about on our blogs (yes, I had one of those moments last week, I'd made the graphic and scheduled this for today before I had that moment) And I really believe that if we are being our best, and doing our best, then we are the best.

I am the best mummy in the world.
According to my children. And that's enough for me. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because they think I am the best.
I also know I am the best mummy for my children.
No one else would be able to parent my children like I can because they don't know them inside out, they don't understand some of the silly things they do or say, and they don't have that wonderful connection.

I am the best blogger.
Ok, I know I am not. BUT I am the best person to write this blog.
No one else could write this one.
Therefore, I am the best blogger when it comes to this blog.
It might sound silly but it's a good way to make you feel positive about your own piece of creative-ness and for your own achievements.

You might not think you are the best crafts person, or the best photographer.
But if you are doing something to the best of your ability, with the tools you have to hand, then YOU ARE THE BEST.

If you fancy carrying on the positivity, I challenge you to comment on this post telling me two things you are the best at, no explanations, just a simple
I am the best mummy
I am the best cook
and so on.
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