Some Things I Love #13

Before I had the boys I would go to the theatre quite a lot with my mum. At one point it seemed we were there almost every month.
I want to get back to doing that, although not so often as I can't afford it. I much prefer the theatre to the cinema and we have been having a look at the new brochures for two theatres near us.
We've seen a few things that we want to go to, and have already booked one show for a couple of weeks time which we are excited about.

On Monday I watched a documentary on Channel 5 about Broadmoor Prison (Inside Broadmoor). We thought it was going to be a documentary following prisoners now but it focused on the history of the prison and how they dealt with patients/inmates when it first opened in 1863. My husband gave up on it but I was engrossed. I've always been interested in mental health and psychology etc. If you can still catch it on Sky On Demand you definitely should.
 Following the prison theme I somehow missed the Trevor McDonald Women Behind Bars episodes, but thankfully a friend of mine reminded me yesterday so I caught them on ItvPlayer and watched them last night. I love programmes like that although I didn't find it as interesting as other series he has done in the past. It seemed a little too tame.

Ugg boots. Everyday. I made an effort to wear a dress everyday this week, and thick tights.

Harry's speech has really improved since Charles started school. I think because I've had more time to focus on with him, and because I have been putting in more of an effort with him. It's sad to think that he is able to say so many words, and probably has been for ages but I just didn't dedicate that time to him when I should have done.

Friends. I've learnt recently that if someone stabs you in the back, it doesn't matter so much if you have friends to pick you up and help heal the wound.

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