Some Things I Love #15

We are going on a date day tomorrow so I've been reading up on places for us to visit. Our chosen place is quite exciting. I'm going to take my camera along and blog all about it.

We are really into The Wrong Mans at the moment. I'm not usually a fan of James Cordon but this is really really gripping and funny.

Since my lovely friend Charlotte sent me the Rimmel 'Space Dust: 003 Aurora' nail varnish I have worn it everyday. I am AMAZED that just over a week later it hasn't chipped at all. Charlotte didn't know that the very day she had sent me this beautiful glittery polish I had been searching high and low on the internet for something identical.
I started off wearing it with a Nails Inc Navy which only chipped in Thursday, lasting 6 days, again I was amazed. So yesterday I decided to paint them with my O.P.I 'Chic From Ears to Tail'.

Charles has been making up a lot of jokes this week. The genuinely make me laugh because of the effort he puts in as well as how simple and matter of fact some of them are.
What is a dogs favourite game? A game.
What is a cats favourite game? A different game.

Bloglovin'. I know I've mentioned it before but it makes blog reading so much easier. My emails went a little out of control when I went on holiday and I went from having 0 unread, because I was always on top of it all, to now having over 800 unread messages, therefore subscription emails to all of these blogs would just get lost.
I love how I can organise them too.

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